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Wynyard Composite High School

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Junior soccer was a new high school program this year involving both male and female students from grades 7 to 9. Team members included: Emerson Chorney, Aaron Mozel, James Neal, Justin Popadynec, Korsen Maksymovitch, Haven Dela Cruz, Caleb Reeve, Zachary Magnusson, Emily Mamer, Kyla Salter, Keegan L'Heureux, Matthew Christensen, Walker Bolt, Jack Chorney, Carols Lamber, Daniel Babut, Parker Lalach and Leif Burns.

There was a ton of interest and we likely had the most players of any team in the league. Almost all of the players were either in their first or second year of soccer which made it quite challenging for the players to develop basic soccer skills and understand how the game is played. The group's enthusiasm to learn the game and the skills was excellent and they improved greatly over a short season. We played six games and we won three and lost three. We were quite competitive with some of the stronger teams in the league.

I would definitely like to continue the program next year and possibly even expand it if possible given the enthusiasm of the players. I would like to thank WCHS for all the support we received in starting the junior soccer program.

 -  Mr. Salter, Coach