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Wynyard Composite High School
Cross Country

​2017-18 Cross Country

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Twenty-two members represented WCHS in cross-country during the 2017 season. They included Luke Prisiak, Caleb Reeve, Evan Fisher, Jack Chorney, Thomas Salter, Tyler Gudjonson, Leif Burns, Anna Wolitski, Mary Latoski, Jessie Froehlich, Julie Newberry, Matthew Christensen, Triston Panchuk, Parker Lalach, Derrik Prisiak, Tristan Bergquist, Carson Fisher, Tanner Remenda, Wyatt Bolt, James Neal, David Prisciak and Rachel Christensen. The team trained intensely and the results from the meets they competed in illustrate their dedication to their sport.

A meet was held in Wynyard at the regional park on Wednesday, September 20th.  A majority of our cross country team competed in five age categories. Evan Fisher represented the Wee Pee runners from WCHS and placed 2nd. The Pee Wee Boys' race had seven competitors from WCHS. Thomas Salter earned a 1st place finish, followed by Parker Lalach in 3rd , Jack Chorney in 7th, James Neal in 12th, Tyler Gudjonson in 13th, Caleb Reeve in 16th and Luke Prisiak in 17th. Leif Burns and Matthew Christensen were the two WCHS runners in the Bantam Boys' race and finished in 4th and 8th place respectively. 

Three runners competed in the Jr. Boys' category. Carson Fisher earned a 2nd place finish, Tristan Bergquist crossed the finish line in 3rd while Quinn Burns placed 6th. In the Jr. Girls' race Jessie Froehlich placed 1st.  Six athletes from WCHS competed in the senior category. In the Sr. Boys' race David Prisciak earned a 1st place finish, Wyatt Bolt placed 2nd and Tanner Remenda placed 3rd. Mary Latoski earned a 2nd place finish, followed by Rachel Christensen and Anna Wolitski in 3rd and 4th position in the Sr. Girls' event.

Wynyard hosted the 2017 Pre-district meet on Wednesday, September 27th. Twenty WCHS cross-country runners competed in 7 categories. Evan Fisher placed 1st in the WeeEvan Pre-districts 2.jpg Pee 2km run and was awarded the Pre-district Wee Pee Championship title. Six athletes competed in the Pee Boys' category. Thomas Salter placed 3rd followed by Parker Lalach (5th), James Neal (15th), Caleb Reeve (17th), Tyler Gudjonson (18th), Luke Prisiak (24th), Triston Panchuk (29th) and Derrik Prisiak (30th). Matthew Christensen was the sole WCHS competitor in the Bantam Boys' race and crossed the finish line in 8th position.

Jessie Froehlich and Julie Newberry competed in the Jr. Girls' category and placed 2nd and 3rd while the Carson Fisher and Tristan Bergquist placed 3rd and 4th in the Jr. Boys' race. In the Sr. Girls' race, Mary Latoski placed 2nd, Rachel Christen finished in 4th position and Anna Wolitski crossed the finish line in 5th. The Sr. Boys' category saw Wyatt Bolt in 2nd place, David Prisciak in 3rd and Tanner Remenda in 10th position. The top 10 runners in each category advanced to Districts.

The Cross-Country District Championship was held on Thursday, October 14th at St. Brieux. Thirteen WCHS runners competed in 7 categories. In the Wee Pee Boys' race, Evan Fisher placed 4th. Parker Lalach earned an 11th place finish in the Pee Wee Boys' event while Matthew Christensen crossed the finish line in 15th position in the Bantam Boys' category. In the Jr. Girls' 4km race, Jessie Froehlich placed 9th followed by Julie Newberry in 12th position. The Jr. Boys' event saw Carson Fisher in 4th and Tristan Bergquist in 6th. Mary Latoski, Rachel Christensen and Anna Wolitski ran the Sr. Girls' 4km race and finished in 4th, 8th and 18th. Three athletes competed in the Sr. Boys' category. Wyatt Bolt earned an 11th place finish followed by David Prisciak in 12th and Tanner Remenda in 13th place.

On Saturday, October 14th five of our runners competed in provincial competition. There were 545 athletes competing in six categories. Jessie Froehlich placed 45th in the Jr. Girls' race. Carson Fisher placed 27th and Tristan Bergquist finished in 42nd position in the Jr. Boys' category. In the Sr. Girls' race, Rachel Christensen did not finish and Mary Latoski crossed the finish line in 26th place.

Congratulations to our of runners. We are very proud of your accomplishments through out the season. Thank you to the parents, school and staff for your support this year.

- Mrs. Storzuk, Coach

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