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Wynyard Composite High School
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November 2020 Update

October 30, 2020

Remembrance Day.jpgA reminder for all students travelling on a school bus - as a general rule, food is not allowed on the school bus. This includes extra-curricular trips. We also understand that sometimes with time constraints, the students need to eat while travelling but please do not consume gum, popcorn, sunflower seeds, or chips/cheezies while on the bus. Water is the preferred allowed drink but sugar drinks with lids would also be allowed. Any mess must be cleaned up before exiting the bus.

Bring your donations for Remembrance Day poppies starting on Monday, November 9. They will be delivered to classrooms on Monday and Tuesday morning. 

Mr. Peterson has WCHS Bears phys.ed shirts available for purchase - $20.00/shirt. Please send Mr. Peterson for size options.

Reminder: Grade 12 students please check the office door folder and scholarship bulletin board regularly for scholarship updates.

Grade 12 students: The RE/MAX of Western Canada scholarship deadline is midnight March 15, 2021. Students can enter online at / About RE/MAX / In the Community / Quest for Excellence. Only online entries will be accepted.

We respectfully ask that you do not drop off or pick up students in the staff/student parking lot or the bus-loading zone. These are busy places in the morning and after school and they become very congested areas. In the best interest of student safety we are asking you to drop off (or pick up) your children on the sidewalk in front of the school. Thank you for your attention to this matter and helping us keep our students safe.

Monday, November 2 – Tentative Sr. Volleyball @ Foam Lake – 7:00PM.

Tuesday, November 3 – Tentative Jr. Volleyball Blue @ Archerwill – 3:30PM.

Tuesday, November 3 – Tentative Jr. Volleyball Gold @ WCHS – 3:30PM.

Wednesday, November 4 – School pictures.

Wednesday, November 4 – SRC meeting @ 12:30PM.

Thursday, November 5 – Tentative Jr. A Volleyball @ Wadena – 4:00PM.

Friday, November 6 – Report cards.

Monday, November 9 – PJ day.

Monday, November 9 – Tentative Sr. Volleyball @ WCHS – 4:00PM.

Monday, November 9 – Parent/Teacher interviews – 5:30-8:00PM.

Tuesday, November 10 – Formal day and virtual Remembrance Day Service.

Tuesday, November 10 – Tentative Jr. Volleyball Blue vs. Jr. Volleyball Gold - 3:30PM.

Wednesday, November 11 – No school.

Thursday, November 12 – No school.

Friday, November 13 – No school.

Tuesday, November 17 – Tentative Jr. Volleyball Blue @ Rose Valley – 3:30PM.

Tuesday, November 17 – Tentative Jr. Volleyball Gold @ WCHS – 3:30PM.

Wednesday, November 18 – SCC Bag Lunch.

Wednesday, November 18 – Tentative Sr. Volleyball @ Wadena – 4:00PM.

Thursday, November 19 – Tentative Jr. A Volleyball @ WCHS – 4:30PM.

Monday, November 23 – No school.

Monday, November 23 – Tentative Sr. Volleyball @ WCHS – 4:00PM.

Tuesday, November 24 – Tentative Jr. Volleyball Gold @ Rose Valley – 3:30PM.

Tuesday, November 24 – Tentative Jr. Volleyball Blue @ WCHS – 3:30PM.

Thursday, November 26 – Tentative Jr. A Volleyball @ Englefeld – 4:00PM.

Saturday, November 28 – Tentative Jr. B Volleyball League Final – 1:00PM.

Saturday, November 28 – Tentative Sr. Volleyball league playoffs – 10:00AM.

Monday, November 30 – SCC Meeting - 5:00PM.