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William Derby School - Strasbourg
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Friday, September 14, 2018

September 14, 2018

Announcements – Friday September 14, 2018

"We would like to remind our students that our belief in students in our buildings involves in part practising respect for others.  Part of the physical way we can show respect is by removing hats and hoodies when we enter the building.  I want to thank those students who regularly remember this request every day.  I also, though, want to remind others that this is not an optional request but rather a role modelling for younger students in our building, and a respect shown to our peers.  What we are seeing is a general wearing of hats to the lockers etc, lately.  One of the reasons traditionally we remove our hats is to say "I am among friends here." 

Removing hats involves active respect for others.  We think that is important.

Thank you for listening, and I will expect to see you following our protocol.


In the morning our elementary students are required to remove their shoes if it is raining, or their boots if it is snowing.

This means if anyone walking ahead of them has not removed shoes/boots when they are wet, that water drops onto the floor and all our elementary students walk through the water in their socks.

This means an uncomfortable day for them/;

We need to respect our younger students.

Please understand that if your shoes are wet the least you can do is give them a good wipe at the door. Would you walk into your house with muddy, wet boots?  Do you remove your outer wear at the door at home?

Please think of those coming in behind you.


Logan H, please see Mr. Edwards today at some point.  I have a question about football.


Intramurals today - senior mixed volleyball.


Cross country meeting today at 12:16 p.m. today.  It is extremely important that everyone comes to this meeting so that we can discuss drivers for Wynyard and who exactly is on the team, so be there quickly so that it only takes about five minutes.


Cross country fees are due today.  Hand them in at the office.


The new junior girls volleyball jerseys are here!  Check them out - samples are hanging by the gym.  The short sleeve jersey is for Mrs. Wiers' team, the long sleeve is for Ms. Lowe's team.  Buying water bottles, toques, and paying your fees allows us to put money back into the program.  Do your part!  If you or someone you or someone you know (parent, older brother, uncle, etc) would like to purchase a toque ($15.00), water bottle ($6.00), sunglasses ($5.00), or any other apparel, please purchase items from the canteen, or talk to Mr. Edwards.

Jr B Girls Volleyball meeting at noon in Mrs Wiers room.