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School Sport Week 2018

October 09, 2018

High school (grades 9-12) sport in the province is administered by the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association (SHSAA). The province is divided into 14 school sports districts, including the Horizon Central Athletics Association (HCAA). The HCAA administers high school and middle years (grades 6-9) sport for its member schools. Within the HCAA geographical boundaries, there are 46 schools which run athletics programs for their students, including 39 Horizon School Division schools, 4 schools run by First Nation bands, 2 run by a separate Catholic board, and 1 run by Saskatchewan’s French language school board. Of these 46 schools, 32 of them run high school athletics programs.

This fall, over 300 volunteer coaches are dedicating their time and expertise to around 2,000 students in 5 school sport activities – golf, soccer, cross country running, football, and volleyball. About 250 of these volunteers are teachers and other school staff members, and about 50 are community members. A number of students have also volunteered as coaches in HCAA schools this fall. These numbers do not include the officials who have a direct impact on the school sport experience in the HCAA schools.

The HCAA as a whole and the schools within the HCAA continue to have significant successes year-in and year-out. Although the HCAA has only the 11th highest number of enroled students out of 14 districts in the province, their participation numbers rank much higher. 73% of grade 6-12 students in HCAA schools last school year took part in at least one school sport activity; and those who participated averaged two and a half school sport activities through the school year. This last number is very significant, as studies have shown a multi-sport experience offers great benefits to an athlete’s development.
The successes can also be seen in the results. Each year, many HCAA teams and athletes reach the podium at the provincial level. Last school year, 26 HCAA teams were provincial medalists, including 12 teams that captured the title of Provincial Champions. As well, 29 individuals from HCAA schools finished top three in the province in their individual events, including 15 individual gold medalists. These totals exceed the provincial average by far. This is a direct reflection of the quality of the programs in our HCAA schools, the passion and expertise of many amazing volunteer coaches, the dedication of student-athletes and their families, and the great supports in schools.

School sport is a valuable aspect of the school community, and the community as a whole. It is inherently educational and is a valuable part of the overall school experience. It is an extension of the classroom, and provides an opportunity for developing citizenship skills and skills in leadership, teamwork, healthy lifestyles, motor skills, sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity. Participation in school sport fosters success in later life, promotes higher grades and better attendance, yields positive results after high school, and teaches lessons that lead to better citizens.

Horizon School Division and the HCAA are very proud of the student-athletes, the volunteers who coach, the officials, the families, the school communities, and the communities as a whole for all they do to help deliver and execute this valuable multi-sport program in our schools.

Click here for a list of games and events taking place in HCAA schools during School Sport Week 2018.

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