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Watson School
Principal's Message

     Welcome to semester 2 and congratulations on everyone making it through to the mid-way point of the year! January seemed to absolutely fly by with the holiday break including the first week of January and final exams taking up the last four days of the month. That left the high school students with basically two and a half weeks of classes before we start the second half of the year. I always find that January is cold and dark, so you will not see me upset or crying over what felt like the fastest January of my life…. I loved it!

     Final exams have concluded and as stated earlier, semester 2 is underway. My senior students in grades 11 and 12 should make sure their schedules are correct and that they are not only on a path to graduate but that they will be eligible for whatever post high school adventures they choose to pursue. Students in K-10 have no scheduling options, and as such, can simply carry on as usual.

     We have a new electronic sign in front of the school which will be used as a communication tool. A huge thank you goes out to our SCC who purchased the sign and paid for all of the intangibles and unforeseen issues that came along with that purchase. It was certainly an adventure but the final product will be worth it. The software to use the sign is a program unfamiliar to us, and so we are learning how to use that program to ensure another means of communication with all stakeholders. The messages will be changing more frequently in the future as we become more familiar with the software so please, when you drop by, feel free to check out what is happening. We would also like to thank SRK Construction and Wehner Electric for installing said sign. There would be no way that sign would be up and running if not for the help of these two local businesses who were fantastic to deal with.

     Our school has significantly improved our student's reading scores over the past 2 years, to the point where we have become one of the top schools in Horizon. There is however, room for further growth, and after our mid-year informal assessments it appears as though we are in fact continuing to see that upward trend continue. I would like to once again thank all of the staff at the school for their tremendous work in continuing to pursue excellence, as often times great results can lead to a complacent attitude, which thankfully has not been the case. I would also like to give huge praise to all of our parents/guardians who are working diligently with their children, at home, after school, and often times when they are completely exhausted from work. Your commitment to the education of your child/children is clearly evident in the results we are seeing, and I continue to humbly ask for your support as we further educate and prepare the future leaders of our world.

     I want to close out by saying success can be achieved in many ways, and the speed at which greatness is realized has many variables. One truly telling sign in my job about how quickly Watson School will ascend to become the example by which other schools are measured, is by my interactions with staff and parents. When the biggest stakeholders continually work together and make my job easier rather than harder, the ascension happens extremely quick for the simple fact that we are moving together as a team united rather than bickering about trivial matters. The students may or may not know how lucky they are at present to have both home and school strongly advocating for their academic success, but once they graduate and become parents themselves I am quite certain they will be very thankful for the support they received during their time at Watson School.



Jay Fitzsimmons