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Three Lakes School (Middle Lake)
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HCAA Recognition Awards 2017

May 08, 2017
The following individuals were recognized at the Horizon Central Athletic Association Spring Meeting on May 2, 2017, for their outstanding contributions to school athletics programs:

2017 hcaa recognition award winners.jpg
(L-R):  Blaine Bryksa (William Derby School, Strasbourg), Wayne Bugera (Foam Lake Elementary School), Charles Biemans (Englefeld Protestant Separate School), Robert Lissinna (Kelvington High School), Chad Knaus (St. Dominic School, Humboldt), Ryan Peterson (Wynyard Composite High School), Lisa Parsons (Three Lakes School, Middle Lake).  Missing – Travis Serke (Viscount Central School)

Lisa Parsons (Three Lakes School, Middle Lake)

Lisa Parsons has been an active coach at Three Lakes School in Middle Lake for over 23 years.  She has coached a variety of activities over those years.  She has most recently been the coach of the junior girls basketball team, winning numerous league and district titles over the years.  Lisa has also coached senior girls basketball at Three Lakes School, is currently the coed grade 4-6 soccer coach, and also helps out with track and field whenever help is needed.  Lisa has also officiated basketball at Three Lakes School over the years.  She is always willing to help organize tournaments and events throughout the school year.  Lisa's bright smile and cheery demeanor always puts smiles on the kids' faces, but she also demands dedication and hard work from her players.  

Chad Knaus (St. Dominic School, Humboldt (Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools)):

Chad Knaus works tirelessly at St. Dominic School in Humboldt to create, facilitate, coach, and organize opportunities so the students can experience sport and the ability to gain lifelong activity skills at the intraschool and interschool levels.  Chad actively seeks out opportunities to have the students participate in sports at a high level, and ensures that those sports are delivered to our students at an equally high level, either by coaching them, or by creating opportunities for qualified coaches to instruct and lead our students.  Chad has coached numerous sports over the past several years at St. Dominic and has also acted as the school's athletic director, ensuring equipment and uniforms are appropriate for student use and that our students compete under the best conditions possible.  In the last two years alone, Chad has coached flag football, volleyball, boys basketball, assisted in grade 5/6 basketball and badminton, and has coached Track and Field. His teams participate with skill and sportsmanship, and always represent their school with honor and skill.

Wayne Bugera (Foam Lake Elementary School) 

Wayne Bugera will be retiring from Foam Lake Elementary School this year after 31 years.  He will be hard to replace as a leader in athletics for our students as he has always put the students and their sports at the heart of his career.  Wayne organizes a multitude of events – curling bonspiels, field meet day, ball tournaments.  Wayne runs a highly successful intramural program every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday noon hours for all students in grades 4 - 6.  Wayne incorporates leadership opportunities as he ensures that grade 5 and 6 students take turns being the scorekeepers and referees for the sports being played in intramurals.  Wayne also offers an after-school sports program for all grade 4 - 6 students in the fall and winter so students have the opportunity to participate in cross country, volleyball, basketball, track, and golf, and have the opportunity to gain game skills and sportsmanship.  Wayne also ensures that our elementary students are prepared for and have the opportunity to take part in District activities like cross country and track, and has had many athletes crowned District Champion. Wayne  offered a junior golf program for many years, and was one of the founding coaches for the Foam Lake Composite junior tackle football program.  Wayne has also been heavily involved with football officiating for over 25 years and is one of the most competent head officials in the province.

Rob Lissinna (Kelvington High School)

Rob Lissinna has been a teacher and coach at Kelvington High School since the fall of 2008.  Tin these years, Rob has coached sr. boys volleyball, senior badminton, sr. girls volleyball, junior badminton, jr. boys volleyball, track & field, and girls flag football.  Rob has spent countless hours in the gym and on the road with the various teams.   In 2008 and 2009 he co-coached the Kelvington sr boys volleyball team to Provincial Champion titles.  In 2016, his sr girls flag football team won the league championship.  Rob became an influential member of the track and field program in 2014, which has since seen 10 student-athletes medal at provincials, including two gold medalists.  Rob is an avid intramural participant at Kelvington High School, and rarely misses and opportunity to join in on the activities.  Rob also helps to run a weekly fitness program for students who are looking for additional physical activity or conditioning opportunities outside of their phys ed classes or regular team practices.  Rob's influence on athletics in the town of Kelvington has exceeded the boundaries of school athletics.  He has also been a minor hockey coach in Kelvington, coaching bantam and midget hockey teams. 

Charlie Biemans (Englefeld School (Englefeld Protestant Separate Schools))

Throughout his full-time teaching career, Charlie Biemans has been a tireless champion for students and athletics at Englefeld School.  He has coached students in many sports and at many grade levels and even co-coached a basketball team one year when there was no other staff member available.  Charlie supported the volleyball programs at Englefeld in many ways, especially by organizing food booths for tournaments.  To this day he still enjoys being on kitchen duty during a senior girls' volleyball tournament.  Charlie retired from full-time teaching 5 years ago, but he continues to teach on a part-time contract.  Charlie has continued his dedication to the students through his faithful commitment to cross-country, curling, and badminton.  As well, he still mentors new staff, as evidenced by his involvement and support for a new coach with the developmental badminton program this season.  In addition to coaching, Charlie continues to attend HCAA meetings as the school representative when needed and he often takes care of the SHSAA registrations for our school.  He has truly dedicated himself to the promotion of sport in our school and throughout the district.

Blaine Bryksa (William Derby School, Strasbourg)

For over 25 years, Blaine Bryksa has worked as a Physical Education teacher in Horizon School Division and its legacy divisions.  Originally from Lanigan, Blaine grew up playing and officiating all sports, and as an adult has been an active coach and official in every school in which he has taught.  At William Derby School, Blaine has coached junior football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track and field.  Blaine has always been an advocate for the inclusion of special needs students in sport, and has always focused on participation as opposed to winning at all costs.  Aside from being a dedicated coach, Blaine has always been an inspiration to his students as a role model of living a lifestyle of health and fitness.  Blaine has also been an active and respected volunteer in the community as a coach of sports teams and as a volunteer fire fighter. 

Travis Serke (Viscount Central School)

Travis Serke began teaching at Viscount Central School in 1997.  Throughout Travis's many years in Viscount, he has made positive connections to the students and their families through his role as a coach of junior boys, junior girls, and senior boys basketball teams.  Travis not only has coached basketball, he has contributed to junior boys volleyball and junior badminton, his teams winning unit and division championships in badminton, basketball, and track and field.  Travis has served as Viscount's athletic director as well.  Even with a busy schedule coaching football at many levels in Saskatoon, Travis has established and maintained his relationship with Viking Athletics as a coach and contributor to many of its teams, including at the elementary level, where he has coached grades 5-8 co-ed touch football.  He also finds time to organize outdoor education excursions for the grade 10-12 students.  His connections to football in Saskatchewan runs deep, which were invaluable in bringing 6-man football to Viscount and its co-operative communities.  Often, Travis organizes football camps and invites many former players who have had success in the sport.  Travis is a positive role model for the young men and women who have attended the school.

Ryan Peterson (Wynyard Composite High School)

For many years, Ryan Peterson has taken on a true leadership role in the athletic success at Wynyard Composite High School.  In the fall, Ryan spends countless hours on the football field working with the offense and many more hours designing plays and reviewing game-tape preparing for the upcoming competition.  This year the players reaped the benefits of his dedication with an undefeated regular season that culminated in a silver medal at the 2A 6-Man provincial final. In addition to football, Ryan also coaches the junior and senior badminton teams.  When he is not coaching athletics, you will often find him in the weight room, working alongside many students. This occurs as early as 6:30 in the morning, over the noon hour and many days after school. His dedication to the physical fitness of the students is second-to none.  Whether he is in the classroom, in the gym, out on the football field, or performing his duties as vice-principal, the leadership Ryan instills in his students is unparalleled and his dedication to high school athletics is remarkable.