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Quill Lake School
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2020-2021 Quill Lake School SCC Members:


Chairperson:                       Corne Blitterswijk

Secretary:                            Shelly Lidster

Treasurer:                            Lisa Slobodecki

Wellness:                             Marla Brataschuk

Communications:               Jenna Hill

Parent members at large:      Jill Quessy, Sheila Finlayson, Megan Olynick, Bryn Pruden, Lana Dyok, Ursula Bussiere, Jenn Stuart

School representatives are Ms. Janel Marshall and Principal, Mrs. Michele Presber.  Student representative is SRC President, Emilee Vigoren.  Representing the Board of Education is Christine Gradin.

Thank you to everyone who serves on the SCC for their dedication and hard work!