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Punnichy Community High School
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PCHS offers students a variety of extra-curricular opportunities. As they become relevant in the year, their pages will be updated.


(All Year)
​Mrs. M. Godfrey
​Sr. Girls Volleyball
(Sept 1st to Nov 19th)
​Mr. A. Jackson
Cross Country​
(June to Oct 15th)
​Mrs. S. Dodd
​Outdoor Education
(Feb 15th to Feb 17th)
​Mrs. M. Godfrey and Mr. P. Nikulak
​Yearbook and Photography Club
(All Year)
​Mr. P. Nikulak
(All Year)
​Mr. P. Nikulak
​Sr. Boys Basketball
(Nov 21st to Mar 25th)
​Mr. P. Fehr
​Robotics Club
(January to March)
​Mr. P. Nikulak
(January to April)
​Mr. P. Nikulak and Ms. G. Gray
​Breakfast Club
(All Year)
​Ms. S. Elaschuk
(Feb 6th to May 13th)
​Mr. P. Nikulak
Track and Field
(Mar 27th to June 2rd)
(Apr 17th to Sept)
​Mr. P. Nikulak and Mrs. M. Godfrey