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Punnichy Community High School
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About Daystar FN

The historical name of Day Star First Nations Reserve originated in the mid 1800’s.  At that time, the Chief was Kii-si-caw-chuc, which means “Day Star”.   Chief Day Star remained chief until his death in 1892.  To this day the reserve is called Day Star and a different chief and council are elected every two years.​ Day Star is a small reserve in both land size and population.  It has the atmosphere of a large family.  Events that occur on Day Star are taken in by most of the reserve members and surrounding communities.  It is a welcoming environment to any and all who visit it.

​​Services and Ammenities:

Day Star Band Office
Day Star Branch Touchwood Child and Family Services
Day Star Brighter Future Program
Day Star Clinic
Day Star Daycare        
Day Star Gas Bar
Day Star Head Start Program
Day Star Recreation Complex
TATC Health Sector​

Population: 433 band members, 155 reside on reserve 
Location: 27 km north of Punnichy