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Ituna School
Programs & Services
We are pleased to offer an array of extra-curricualar programs and services in our school.
School Activity or ClubGrade(s) InvolvedWhenPracticesLeader
Sr. FootballPlayers- Gr. 9-12, Trainers- Gr. 6-8Starts mid August until October(dependant on play-offs)Every morning at 6:30- alternate weeks between Kelliher and ItunaMr. Bulych
Mr. Michalchuk

Jr. Girls VolleyballGr. 7-8Starts beginning of schoolTues-Thurs MorningsMiss Onufreychuk
Sr. Girls VolleyballGr. 9-12Sept. 1- OctoberAfter school'sMrs. Matus
Mr. Matus

Junior Curling


Gr. 3-6


Gr. 7-9





Ms. MacLellan/Mrs. Bulych

Miss Onufreychuk

Senior CurlingGr. 10-12 5-6:30pmMrs. Yanko
Junior BadmintonGr. 7-9Starts end of March – end  of April3:30 – 5:00pm
Senior BadmintonGr. 10-12Starts end of March – end  of April3:30 – 5:00pmMr. Smidt
Track and FieldGr. 6-12Starts after Eastermornings/afterschoolsMr. Bulych  
Mrs. Morvik
Cross-CountryGr. 3-12September-OctoberLunch practicesMr. Billinger and Ms. MacLellan
Sr. DramaGr. November/DecemberMornings
SADDGr. 7-12All yearMornings & LunchMrs. Morvik
YearbookGr. 7-12All yearAfterschoolsMiss Onufreychuk
Mrs. Matus
Junior SRCGr. 3-6All yearLunch meetingsMs. MacLellan
Senior SRCGr. 7-12All yearLunch meetings once a weekMrs. Nevill
Miss Onufreychuk
Safety PatrolGr. 5/6All yearMornings/afterschoolMr. Smidt/Ms. MacLellan
We TeamGr. 7-12All year Mrs. Nevill
Girl Power3-6All yearAfter schoolMrs. Bulych
Green Thumb ClubK-12All year Mrs. Bulych
Craft Clubk-3, 4-6All yearLunch- Day ??Mrs. Smith
BandGr. 5-12All yearThroughout the dayMs. Menzie
ChoirK-12All year Mrs. Orr
KarateAll agesAll yearSaturday and Sunday at 6pmMr. Breen
PianoAll agesAll yearThursdaysMrs. Orr
GuitarAll agesAll yearTuesdaysMr. Tracy


Family Curling



All agesCurling SeasonTuesdays at 7pmGlen Kozak
Figure Skating/Learn to SkateAll ages Mondays/WednesdaysElsie Balzer/Cherie Jankoski
HockeyAge 4 and up  Ron Kreway
Goodeve Beef 4H Club  Oct. 30- 1st MeetingAdrienne Ivey
Ituna Lighthorse 4H Club  Oct. 30- 1st MeetingSheila Keisig
Ukrainian DanceAges 5- Grade 12 

Seniors- Thursdays 7:30-9pm

Beginners/Intermediates- Fridays  4-9:30pm

Shawna Zrymiak