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Humboldt Public School
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Humboldt Public School Profile

School Profile

Humboldt Public School serves 306 students from Pre-K through grade 8 in Humboldt, SK. Humboldt Public School is the only public elementary school in Humboldt. There are two other similar sized Catholic schools in the city. Students from all three schools go to Humboldt Collegiate Institute when they reach grade 9.

Curriculum and Options

Humboldt Public School follows the provincial curriculum. The school offers core French from grades one to eight. There is an optional band program for grades five through eight. Grades eight attend Humboldt Collegiate Institute once a week for practical and applied arts. There is a full time and  time learning resource teacher who provide an inclusive resource program. The school also has a one half time librarian who provides library class instruction. Humboldt Public School offers a complete elementary extracurricular program including sports, drama, and rec club. The school also has a student leadership council for grade six to eight students.


Humboldt Public School has 20 teachers for 18.0 positions. The school has 16 support staff including a full time secretary, 2 full time custodians, 2 half time library techs, as well 7 full time and 3 half time educational assistants.


Humboldt Public School was originally housed in a three story structure built in 1913 and two additions, one from the 1970's and the other from the 1980's until November 2013 when the original structure was demolished. Our new school construction is now complete, which now includes fourteen classrooms, a computer lab, resource centre, gymnasium, music room/stage, two resource rooms, art room, science room, home economics and industrial arts lab, occupational therapy room, snoezelan room, staff room, servery and office. Humboldt Public School also has a 51 seat daycare.~ Humboldt Public School makes use of many city facilities such as the museum and Uniplex to help deliver curriculum and extracurricular opportunities.


Humboldt Public School features a technology lab with 32 computers, printers, scanners and a projector, smart board and document reader. All classrooms have at least two computers in our lower elementary grades and three in our more senior grades. We also have a laptops, projectors, digital cameras and a digital video camera. All classrooms are equipped with SMARTboards, and document readers, as well as sound field systems.~ We have also just purchased 40 Ipads to help infuse technology more effectively in our school. Students have many opportunities to explore technology and to infuse it into their learning. Teachers are encouraged to use technology as a tool to aid in student learning and to look for unique and interesting ways to accomplish that.


Humboldt Public School recognizes the importance of educating the whole child both academically and socially. Our school promotes and celebrates acceptable behaviour. We feel it is important to give students several opportunities to learn and grow, to support and encourage them when they are successful and when they are not.