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Humboldt Collegiate Institute
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​​HCI Vision

Our school promotes the pursuit of excellence in an environment that encourages life-long learning and respect for self and others.​

​2019-2020 School Community Council

What Are SCCs? Since 2007, every school in Saskatchewan has an SCC to give the community a voice in local education.

SCCs are made up of:

- Representative members - 5-9 parents/caregivers/community members who are elected at an annual meeting

- Permanent members - the principal and one teacher appointed as non-voting members of the council.

- If your school offers Grades 10, 11 & 12, one or two students may be appointed to the council as voting members for a 1 year term.

For more information, please view: SCC Pamphlet (for print).pdf

2019-2020 Joint Operations Committee Members

HCI Student Handbook
​HCI Common Assessment Terminology