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Englefeld School
Principal's Message

Hello EAGLE families!


Englefeld School staff is back at school and can't wait to see your child on September 8th. (Please note that Kindergarten students have an alternate first day, as communicated to individual families.)


Sometimes, "the unknown" can be the scariest thing, especially when things are constantly changing in the world around us.  We definitely don't want the return to school to be scary,... we want to put minds at ease.


In order to do this, we are linking a document that outlines the procedures and plans that we have in place for our Eagle Community.  We are sending these documents through family email, as well as posting them on our school website, and linking them here on our Facebook page.  


Within the document, there are many words that are used often, which I would like to define for your ease of reading:


Cohort - is simply a fancy word used for 'homeroom group', or grouped class of students


PPE - refers to personal protective equipment (ex: masks, gloves, etc)


AP - refers to 'Administrative Procedures,' which are Horizon School Division procedures which we must follow, and can be found on the Division website


CMHO - refers to the 'Chief Medical Health Officer'


All Horizon Schools are in the process of individually sharing their plans for "Returning to School" as they are approved by the Division.


Englefeld's School Plan is 30+ pages long, and the link to the document can be found at the following location.

In order to highlight expectations and procedural changes at Englefeld School, we have created a two-page "Condensed Version" for your reference as well.  The following link will take you to our 'Cheat Sheet:' 


If you have any questions after reading the linked documents, please feel free to call Mrs. Harcourt at 306-287-3568, or by email at  


PLEASE NOTE: that Horizon School Division will be providing one re-usable mask for every student in the Division.  As well, our Englefeld Angels Quilting Guild is currently hard at work, making us specialized masks that have the ability to hang around the neck when not in use.  Their plan is to have one made for each of our Eagle students, available for use by the first day of school. (Please be aware that your child may require more than the two masks which are being provided for them.)  The guild is a non-profit organization, so any token of your appreciation would be warmly welcomed by them, and accepted at the school. On behalf of Englefeld School, I would like to thank them for their time and effort in this endeavor.


We truly hope you enjoy the last days of summer holidays and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming school year! 


Stay safe everyone!  We will see you soon!

Englefeld Quick Reference- RE-ENTERING HORIZON.pdf