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Horizon School Division
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buses.jpgTransportation Services oversees 124 school bus routes across Horizon School Division. These routes are operated both in-house and through our contractor, Southland Transportation.

Horizon-owned buses operate on 48 routes -- essentially equating to all routes in the school division east of Highway #6.

The remaining 76 routes in the division are served by our contractor, Southland Transportation

Southland Transportation was awarded the contract through a public and competitive bidding process which focused on a number of factors, including:
  • cost
  • driver training and retention
  • maintenance procedures
  • fleet quality
  • and ultimately, the safety of our most precious cargo - the children of Horizon School Division

As a result of the change of contractors, there will be some procedural changes for those routes being serviced by Southland.  We believe that the procedural changes are in the best interest of our students, our staff, and our families, and will ensure that all Horizon students receive the best transportation solutions available.

As a result of the change, we understand that you may have questions. We have outlined below a number of frequently asked questions in order to highlight the changes for the 2016-17 school year.  

We encourage you to contact our Transportation Services department directly at 306-682-2558, or, with any questions you may have.

Transportation FAQ

1.) Why is the majority of the fleet 72 passenger busses?

Utilizing 72 passenger busses provides flexibility in moving busses around as required, such as for service work.  Also, these busses can accommodate charter trips effectively.  The cost to purchase and operate a 72 passenger bus is consistent with the cost of operating smaller busses.

2.) Why are you using diesel busses vs propane?

New technology in diesel busses provide a cleaner burning engine and the tank size allows for increased kilometers per fill.   Propane fueling stations are not easily accessible as there are fewer of them available in rural areas.  Fueling a propane bus requires additional certifications for drivers.

3.) I used to send a text message directly to my bus driver if there was a change of plans for my child on a particular day.  Can I still do that?

Southland Transportation has a dispatch that operates daily, Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Every bus is equipped with a two-way radio system, which allows for communication with the drivers that is completely hands free.  Communicating with the driver through dispatch enables a safe transportation environment where drivers are not accessing their cell phones to receive and send messages.

4.) Who designs my bus route?

All bus routes are designed by the Transportation Services Department of Horizon School Division #205.

5.) Who should I contact if there is a change in my student's transportation needs for a day or two?

You should contact Southland Transportation Dispatch at 306-682-5715.

6.) Who should I contact if we are moving or relocating to a different attendance area?

If you are remaining at the same school, notify the school of the change in address / location.  If you are moving from one school to another, please notify the receiving school.

7.) How do I know which attendance area I am living in, and if I am eligible to receive transportation services?

To inquire about attendance areas and eligibility for transportation services, please contact the Transportation Services Department at Horizon School Division #205 at 306-682-2558.

8.) I'm worried that the new bus won't fit in my yard, what should I do and who should I contact?

Please contact Southland Transportation Services directly.  Southland has procedures in place to address this issue. 306-682-5715

9.) Why are drivers no longer able to use cellular phones while driving their routes?

Cellular phone use while driving is illegal.  Even while the bus is stopped, drivers accessing their phones can become distracted.  The two-way radio system eliminates any type of distraction caused by cellular phone usage.

10.) Who is my bus driver, and how can I contact them directly?

Bus drivers will contact each family to provide them with the necessary information regarding pick up times and drop off times.  At that time, should the bus driver desire to share that information, they can do that with you.

11.) What happens if my driver can't run a route due to mechanical or weather issues?

If the bus driver cannot run the route, the driver will contact parents directly as far in advance as possible.

12.) What is the process to report an incident regarding my child(ren) and our bus driver?

Please contact Southland Transportation immediately at 306-682-5715.

13.) Is Southland hiring locally in order to manage, maintain, and support the bus routes?  

Absolutely!  Southland has an office and shop space located in Humboldt.  Staff has been hired from all locations throughout the division. 

14.) I'm interested in driving a bus as a spare driver, volunteer, or permanent employee.  What are my next steps?

Please contact Horizon School Division #205 and / or Southland Transportation.  There are opportunities for drivers for both Horizon and Southland.

15.) Can I send sporting equipment, instruments, or other items on the school bus with my child?

We often receive requests to transport personal cargo as it relates to sports, band and other equipment.  While there is not a detailed regulation from SGI prohibiting the transport of specific pieces of equipment, the School Bus Driver Regulations enforced by SGI place direct responsibility and liability for objects being transported on the driver of the bus, and directly impacts the carrier license of the school division.

With this in mind, and out of an abundance of care and caution for student and staff safety, we will only transport items which are able to fit securely under the individual seats on the bus, and do not impede the pathways of any rider, in any direction, from safely being able to egress from the bus. 

For items that can be safely stowed under the seat, we ask that they also be secured in a bag, or other safe container whenever possible.  If schools require equipment for offsite sporting activities, it is expected that it will be provided and transported separately, and in a vehicle that is designed to allow for the safe transport of the cargo.


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