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AP 571 - Carpooling


In situations where employees are required to attend meetings or professional development sessions, participants are strongly encouraged to carpool wherever and whenever possible. Clauses in existing agreements will take precedent over this expectation.


1.  When employees are required to use their personal vehicle to travel, a per kilometer rate will be paid as compensation.

2.  When carpooling options are available, a per kilometer rate will be paid as follows:

  • 1 person - $0.22/km
  • 2 or more people - $0.42/km
  • School Division vans - $0.42/km

3.  When carpooling is not practicable, a per kilometer rate will be paid at $0.42/km.

4.  When possible, the list of those attending an event will be circulated to facilitate carpooling.

5.  Participants will submit their claim on either an AF 519 - General Expense Claim Form, or an AF 519 - Board Requested Form to the Director (or designate) requesting attendance.

6.  A per kilometer rate will be paid from the closer of the employee’s primary work location or home location, unless an alternate route is chosen to facilitate carpooling.

Reference: Section 109, Education Act
Collective Agreements

March 25, 2011
Revised January 20, 2016