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AP 570 - Division-Owned Vehicles


The Horizon School Division owns and operates a fleet of Division owned vehicles for the benefit of the Division. The following procedures are designed to: allocate vehicles in a manner which optimizes the benefits to the Division, ensure an effective and accountable approach to maintenance and repair, ensure such vehicles are operated in a safe manner and advise employees who use them of the conditions under which this privilege may be granted.


1.  The following criteria are to be considered when allocating a Division owned vehicle to an employee:

1.1.  The Division sees a benefit from assigning the vehicle to the employee;
1.2.  The most appropriate employees are assigned vehicles.  The Finance Department will be tracking the mileage of employees who do not have a Division vehicle to ensure the most appropriate assignment of vehicles; and
1.3.  The distance between the residence of the employee in relation to the home base that is assigned to the employee.
2.  In the event that a Division vehicle is assigned to an employee who resides outside of the Horizon School Division Boundaries, this employee will not be permitted to take the assigned Division vehicle home.  The vehicle must be picked up and returned to the employee’s assigned office location or an agreed upon location.

3.  Employees that have personal kilometres on the Division owned vehicle will incur a taxable benefit on those kilometres.  Annually, the Superintendent of Finance will calculate this benefit in accordance with CCRA guidelines.

4.  All new and previous allocations will be reviewed annually by the Superintendent of Operations following the criteria in #1 above. Before submitting recommendations to the CFO for approval, the Superintendent of Operations will collaborate with members of the Strategic Leadership Team to incorporate their input, as appropriate and where feasible, into the allocations of vehicles.

5.  Upon review and acceptance of the Superintendent of Operation's recommendation(s) by the CFO, a complete list of vehicle allocations will be distributed to the Strategic Leadership Team prior to any new vehicle allocations.

6.  In the event that an employee who was previously assigned a Division vehicle will no longer be assigned a vehicle, two months notification will be given.

7.  It is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure they have a valid driver’s license at all times and must provide their PIC # to the Transportation Department.  If at any time your driver’s license is suspended, it is the employees’ responsibility to notify the Transportation Department.

8.  It is the responsibility of the employee assigned the Division owned vehicle to keep it in a clean and properly maintained condition.

9.  Odometer readings are to be recorded on September 1, December 31, and June 30 on the AF 570 - Automobile Service Record Form.pdf as well as all other services performed on the vehicle.  This record is to be kept up to date and is to be submitted annually to the Transportation Department on June 30th, by scanning and e-mailing to

10.  Staff members that use a Division owned vehicle for personal purposes will incur a Taxable Benefit on these kilometers.  This benefit will be calculated by the Superintendent of Finance in accordance with CCRA guidelines.  Not all employees will be authorized to take the Division vehicle home (i.e. If the employee resides outside of the Horizon School Division Boundaries).

11.  Fleet cards for purchasing fuel are distributed to employees by the Transportation Department.  The receipts are to be forwarded to the Finance Department on a monthly basis.

12.  When using a Division vehicle for personal professional development, your allotment will be reduced at the same rate had you used your own personal vehicle.

13.  Employees must ensure that they have received their new registration and stickers for the plates prior to the expiration date.  

14.  Staff on 10 month contracts must:
14.1.  Return the Division vehicle to the closest Division office on June 30th, for the summer months, in a clean condition;
14.2.  Remove all personal items from the vehicle;
14.3.  Take a final odometer reading for the year and place the original AF 570 - Automobile Service Record Form.pdf in the blue clipboard provided;
14.4.  Place your fleet card in the blue clipboard provided and turn it into the office where your vehicle is being dropped off;
14.5.  Turn in your keys, as there is no guarantee that employees will be assigned the same vehicle for the start of the following school year; and
14.6.  E-mail to notify the Transportation Department of the location where you have dropped off the vehicle.
15.  When an accident occurs involving a Division owned vehicle, the employee must:
15.1.  Notify his/her immediate supervisor;
15.2.  Notify the Superintendent of Operations for insurance purposes;
15.3.  Complete an AF 570 - Automobile Service Record Form.pdf;
15.4.  Report the accident to the appropriate authorities, including the RCMP and SGI; and
15.5.  Arrange appointments with adjusters and ensure paperwork is forwarded to
16.  Employees who drive a Division owned vehicle must ensure that all of the following items are monitored on the AF 570 - Automobile Service Record Form.pdf as a circle check is recommended each day prior to driving the vehicle, by walking around the vehicle and noting the following at minimum:
16.1.  There is nothing around your vehicle that could be driven over or into;
16.2.  The lights and windows are clean;
16.3.  The tires have no bulges and are not under/over inflated; and
16.4.  There are no leaks. The oil/antifreeze/windshield fluid should be checked on a regular basis.
Maintenance is to be completed on days that are convenient as there are not extra vehicles available to drive.  If an employee who drives a Division owned vehicle has any issues with respect to the vehicle, he/she should send an email to  Prior approval for all repairs/maintenance in excess of $200.00 is required.  A copy of the quote for services should be attached to the request.  This would include but is not limited to replacement of tires, windshield repair/replacements, and other repairs.
17.  General maintenance of Division owned vehicles are guided by the following:
17.1.  Tires
17.1.1.  Approval must be obtained from the Transportation Department prior to the purchase of any new tires (exception would be flat tire);
17.1.2.  When tires are changed (Winter/Summer), it is the responsibility of the employee to arrange for the tires to be stored in the nearest Maintenance Shop. Notification of where these tires are stored must be submitted by e-mail to;
17.1.3.  Rotating tires should be done approximately every 10K; and
17.1.4.  Reference your owners’ manual for more information.
17.2.  Oil Changes
17.2.1.  Oil changes should be done every 5K, and do not require prior approval;
17.2.2.  Requests to have a general check should be done by the same garage/shop; and
17.2.3.  Any issues noted by the garage/shop should be assessed and dealt with accordingly. (i.e.: less than $200.00 – minor repair- does not need prior approval)
17.3.  Windshields
17.3.1.  Small stone chips can be “zapped” to help prevent spreading at many body shops and do not require prior approval; and
17.3.2.  Windshield replacement does require approval prior to the replacement.
17.4.  Washing/Cleaning
17.4.1.  Keeping your vehicle in a clean condition is the responsibility of the employee who has been assigned the vehicle;
17.4.2.  When the car is returned to the Division office annually on June 30th (for 10 month employees) the vehicle should be clean, inside and out; and
17.4.3.  Detailing will be considered an allowable expense one time per year.
17.5.  Repairs
17.5.1.  All requests for approval should be done by emailing along with the details of the quote for repairs;
17.5.2.  Repair invoices not needing prior approval can be forwarded directly to Accounts Payable with the Plate # of the vehicle noted;
17.5.3.  Please remember to log this information on the automobile service record that is kept in the Division owned vehicle’s blue clip board; and
17.5.4.  The Transportation Department will keep a record and advise the driver whether repairs are still under warranty or not and the appropriate process to follow if the vehicle is under warranty.
18.  Anyone who has any comments or questions regarding a Division vehicle may contact the Transportation Department by e-mailing

Reference:  Income Tax Act, CCRA Guidelines

June 28, 2012