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AP 561 - Driver Authorization for Transportation


For some educational trips and extra-curricular trips, students will be transported in private vehicles.  To ensure that students are safe, each potential driver must be approved before she/he will transport students.


1.  Each potential driver must complete and submit an AF 561 - Driver Authorization for Transportation Form. This form requires information about the driver’s driving history as well as the commitments that a person driving students must make if she/he is to drive students on extra-curricular or educational trips.

2.  Only applications from drivers that have been out of school for at least two (2) years will be accepted.

3.  The completed form is to be submitted to the principal for approval.

4.  The authorization process must be completed for each school year.

5.  Insurance Reminders

5.1.  Teachers or parents authorized to use their vehicle by the principal are recommended to have third party liability insurance of at least two (2) million dollars.

5.2.  In case of claim, the vehicle owner’s automobile liability insurance applies before the School Division insurance.

5.3.  Excess automobile insurance protection is provided under the School Division’s insurance policy for authorized drivers while transporting students in privately owned vehicles on an approved school activity or function.  This insurance is only for an amount in excess of liability provided by the vehicle owner’s automobile liability insurance policy.

5.4.  Damage to the owner’s vehicle is not insured by the School Division.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 110, 194, 195, 196, 197 Education Act
The Traffic Safety Act

April 4, 2011