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AP 559 - Bus Roster


To ensure the safety of students on educational trips or extra-curricular trips, a bus roster must be completed that includes trip details and a list of all riders.


1.  The supervising teacher shall complete the AF-559 Bus Roster Form and make two copies.  All riders, including students, parents, and staff members are to be listed as riders on the roster.

2.  One copy is to be left at the school and one copy is to be taken on the bus.  Both the bus driver and the supervising teacher should know where the list is located.

3.  The Bus Driver is to complete a "Pre-Trip" explanation of the Bus Evacuation Procedures. The supervising teacher must indicate on the Bus Roster Form if the explanation was completed.

4.  Upon completion of the trip, the form is to be e-mailed to the Transportation Department at the following address

Reference:  Section 196, Education Act

September 25, 2012