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AP 558 - Bus Registration


Parents or guardians will make requests for their children’s transportation on school buses through the following procedure.


1.  Parents or guardians of children who require bus service should complete and submit an AF-300 Student Registration Form to the school. In order to ensure unnecessary delays, all information requested on the form must be included. The Student Registration Form can be obtained online or from the School Secretary.

2.  Once completed, the school secretary can then email the Student Registration Form containing the Bus Registration information to the Transportation Department at

3.  The Transportation Department will review the completed form to see where the student’s residence is located in relation to the nearest bus routes, and/or the school to which you are requesting bus service.

4.  Factors used in making decisions for granting bus service may include any of the following:

  • Closest bus route to the residence
  • Request for location on the bus registration form
  • Time of pick-up
  • Size of current bus
  • Length of current bus route
  • Confirmation of attendance area residence falls into
  • Closest school to the residence
  • Extenuating circumstances, including the impact on other children.

5.  Once a decision is made, the parent that has made the request will be informed.

Please note: Bus Registrations may take approximately one week to process, so the earlier a form is received the better chance to avoid delayed service.

Reference:  Sections 194, 195, 196, 197, 201, Education Act

June 22, 2012