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Horizon School Division
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AP 556 - Bus Monitoring


In situations where reports indicate that inappropriate action is being conducted on the bus, monitoring equipment may be installed.  Bus drivers will be notified of an active camera on their bus.

The installation of bus video monitoring equipment will:

  • Assist the bus driver in maintaining control of the passengers in the bus and reduce discipline problems;
  • Increase safety since the driver will be better able to concentrate on traffic and road conditions; and
  • Reduce the incidence of vandalism and littering on the bus.


1.  Camera boxes may be installed from time to time in buses and will be activated when:

  • A driver requests that the Superintendent of Operations do so; or
  • A complaint has been received from parents, students, other staff members or the general public regarding a specific bus; and/or
  • The Director of Education, Chief Financial Officer and/or Superintendent of Operations believes that it is in the best interests of the students, driver or school division to do so.

2.  Signage advising that the bus may be monitored by video will be placed in each bus containing a camera box.

3.  The Manager of Operations with the Director of Education and/or Superintendent of Operations will:

  • Determine how long activity on a given bus will be monitored;
  • Review the videotapes on a regular basis;
  • Review the videotape with those employees of the school division who need to do so for purpose of their employment; and
  • Determine if and how long a video will be retained before being reused.

4.  The Superintendent of Operations will maintain a record of each recording including the bus number, the driver’s name, the school(s) involved, the dates of the monitoring, the date on which the tape was erased and the signature of the Superintendent of Operations and the Director of Education or Chief Financial Officer.

5.  All such videotapes will be the property of the Horizon School Division and, under no circumstances, will be made available for public viewing.  However, parents on the specified route that is the subject of the video film may be given the opportunity to view footage pertaining to their child or children subject to the provisions of privacy and freedom of information legislation.

Reference:  Local Authorities Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act
Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 196, Education Act

February 24, 2012