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AP 555 - Bus Charters

In locations where spare buses are available within the system, they are available for use by all of the system’s schools for approved trips.

For extended trips a bus off a regular route may be used.  The spare bus would then be available for use on the regular run that day.


1.  The teacher will inform the principal of the date and destination requested for the charter trip.  

2.  The principal, after approving the educational trip, will request approval from the Bus Fleet Supervisor to charter a bus.  The teacher and principal will ensure the preparation of a AF-559 Bus Roster Form.pdf that will include the names of students who will travel on the charter bus.
2.1.  In the event that a regular route bus is being requested for use in the charter trip, approval will only be considered by  the Superintendent of Operations and/or designate after the principal has completed the following:
2.1.1.  Ensure that all families that would not be involved in the trip have been consulted and surveyed as to whether or not they require transportation services for that day;
2.1.2.  Consulted with their Area Superintendent of Schools;
2.1.3.  In cases of dispute, the Chief Financial Officer will make the final decision.
3.  Only approved school buses and qualified drivers will be used to transport students.  The principal will inform the Bus Fleet Supervisor of any situation whereby they are informed of maintenance requirements of a spare bus.

4.  The Bus Fleet Supervisor will complete the required charter mileage forms to submit to the Transportation Department.

5.  Other forms of transportation may be used, such as charter buses from transportation companies and private vehicles.  The decision as to the type of transportation used shall be the responsibility of the principal.

6.  Events for which buses may be chartered may include but are not limited to:
6.1.  Travel to sports events. These include:
6.1.1.  For inter-school, District and Regional sporting events;
(Decentralized funding, SRC sponsorship or individual support shall be used.)
6.1.2.  For Provincial Final Sporting Events:
(Travel and accommodations shall be paid by the Division at established rates of Horizon Central Athletic Association (HCAA) membership. Meals for players shall be the responsibility of the players, while coaches shall be compensated as per AP-514 Out of Pocket Expense Claim Procedure
6.1.3.   Division Track and Field Meets:
(Division will pay all transportation expenses at the same rate as regularly scheduled routes.  It is understood that neighbouring schools will co-operate with bussing processes to maximize occupancy and reduce the number of buses required.)
6.2.  For other activities.  These include:
6.2.1.  When the Division authorizes students to be transported for special educational or cultural events, such as career days, the cost of transportation will be borne by the Division.
6.2.2.  Waiting time for the bus drivers that stay will be as per procedural guidelines.
6.2.3.  When the school requests and receives approval for an educational trip, the school will assume responsibility for all payments.
7.  Rates for buses for Division sponsored events:
7.1.  Division owned buses
7.1.1.  To each bus used there shall be a payment to offset the cost of km’s traveled, and the driver’s wages.  These rates are set annually by the Board of Education through their Budget process.
7.1.2.  The bus must be returned to the regular driver or the point of departure in clean condition.
7.2.  Privately owned buses
7.2.1.  At a rate set according to the student load and mileage as negotiated between the bus contractor and the officials of the school wishing to use the bus.
7.3.  Chartered buses / rental vehicles
7.3.1.  If chartered buses or rental vehicles are used and funding is requested from the Director of Education, prior approval from the Superintendent of Operations must be obtained. Funding shall be at a rate no greater than had a Division owned bus been used.
7.4.  Other
7.4.1.  If the schools are using the other methods of transportation other than buses, the vehicles used must be properly licensed and have a school-based administration approved adult in each vehicle.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 110, 194, 195, 196, 197, Education Act
Highway Traffic Act

February 24, 2012