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AP 552 - Bus Driver Responsibilities


In order to ensure the safe and effective operation of all school buses that serve the Division’s students, bus drivers must be aware of their responsibilities.


1.  The driver is required to acquaint himself/herself with, and adhere to rules and regulations under The Provincial Vehicles Act, the School Bus Operating Regulations of The Highway Traffic Act and any local Municipal by-laws.

2.  The student shall be responsible to the driver while loading, in route and unloading.

3.  In accordance with The Education Act, the driver shall report to the principal as soon as possible any action taken by a student that is deemed by the driver to jeopardize the safe transportation of students to and from school.

4.  If a student does not obey the driver’s instructions, the driver has the right not to pick the student up.  If the driver intends not to pick up the student, the driver must first inform the parents, principal and the Superintendent of Transportation.  If a disciplinary problem is encountered while in route, the driver must deliver the student home or to the school and shall never remove a student at any other point for disciplinary reasons.

5.  The driver may assign a seat to each student.

6.  The driver shall act in a courteous and respectful manner.

7.  The driver shall not smoke while on duty.

8.  The driver shall not consume any intoxicating liquors or drugs, as per regulations.

9.  The driver shall perform a daily circle check and pre-trip safety inspection of the bus as per required regulations.

10.  Students shall be picked up and dropped off in their individual yards, whenever possible.

11.  The drivers shall load and unload passengers at a designated point on or about school premises as agreed upon with the school-based administration.  Should an issue regarding the loading point be raised by parents with the Superintendent of Operations, the Superintendent shall contact the principal and driver to resolve the issue.

12.  The bus driver shall report motorists who do not stop for flashing bus lights or any individual that passes a school bus while loading or unloading students to the R.C.M.P. for legal action. It is the responsibility of the bus driver to also file a report with the principal, who shall inform the Superintendent of Operations.
The information that is required includes:

  • License number,
  • Description of the vehicle,
  • Time of day,
  • Location,
  • Direction travelled, and
  • Positive assurance that warning lights were operating at the time.

13.  In case of an accident, the driver shall report without delay to the police, the Principal, and the Superintendent of Operations.  An accident report stating circumstances, plus other information must be filed with the Transportation Department.  Accident Report Forms will be supplied by the Transportation Department.

14.  In all instances where a bus does not run the driver shall inform the parents and the Principal, and he/she shall complete the online bus cancellation form - Principal's Bus Report Form.

15.  In instances where a parent from outside the attendance area fails to be available at the designated pick-up site, the driver shall return the student to the school and notify the Principal of the circumstances.

16.  Upon completion of each run, the driver shall do a visual inspection to determine that all students have disembarked and the “Bus is Empty” sign should be hung in the back window.

17.  The bus driver has the right to refuse to transport any student who, in his/her opinion, does not have the proper clothing.

18.  For the safety of students and the driver, the bus driver must follow approved bus routes. A time schedule should also be adhered to.

19.  Passengers, other than school children and school officials and other approved riders, are not allowed on the bus except in the case of a real emergency.

20.  It is the responsibility of the bus driver to provide bus service.  In the event of a breakdown every reasonable effort shall be made to have another bus provided by either the Division (for Division-owned routes), the general contractor, or a private contractor.

21.  Each bus driver must provide a copy of their 10 year Driver Abstract to the Transportation Department annually.

22.  Each bus driver must ensure that he/she always have a valid driver’s license, and to provide evidence of this to the Transportation Department.

Reference:  The Provincial Vehicles Act
The School Bus Operating Regulations of The Highway Traffic Act
Municipal b-laws (where applicable)
Sections 85, 87, 109, 110, 121, 194, 195, 196, 197, Education Act

February 24, 2012