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Horizon School Division
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AP 550 - School Bus Scheduling and Safety


The safety of students and bus drivers, the orderly operation of bus routes and fair treatment of bus drivers is of the utmost importance. As a result, it is imperative that procedures for operation of school buses be clearly outlined and adhered to in order that order and safety is promoted.


1.  Bus Routes

1.1.  The Superintendent of Operations shall be responsible for the arrangement of transportation of the students within the Horizon School Division.

1.2.  If there are any new routes, deletion of routes, or changes to existing routes, the Superintendent of Operations shall advise the bus drivers and/or the bussing contractor of these changes, as deemed appropriate.

1.3.  Bus Drivers are not to pick-up new students until approval is received from the Transportation Department Staff.

1.4.  The terms of routes shall be as follows:

    • The driver prior to September 8th of the school year will complete a bus route information package which will include, but not be limited to a schedule detailing kilometres travelled, order of pick-up and drop off of students, number of pick-ups, number of students, a detailed map, and approximate pick-up times.
    • The driver should be punctual and adhere to the schedule as close as possible.
    • The bus should not leave a pick-up point before the time scheduled, unless loaded.
    • If the students are late in reaching their pick-up point, the driver will wait no longer than two minutes.  However, common sense should prevail.
    • The bus route schedule shall be arranged so that arrival time at school shall not be before 8:40 A.M.  In situations involving feeder bus(es) special arrangements will have to be made.
    • The driver shall be at school before school is dismissed for the loading of passengers.
    • The driver shall not leave school until all his pupils have boarded the bus, but not any longer than 10 minutes after dismissal time so as not to interfere with the bus schedule.  The driver should ask for assistance if necessary.
    • Any problems with the route or schedule shall be reported to the Superintendent of Operations and/or designate.
    • Only Division authorized riders shall be allowed on the bus.  Students, whom are not regular route riders, shall use bus service for special occasions only with the prior approval of the bus driver.  Bus drivers must ascertain whether adequate seating is available for any guest riders.  Students may not use this clause to attend a school outside of their attendance area.
    • An Area Superintendent of Schools may approve a request for a student who is not a usual route rider to ride a bus for special occasions if there is room on that bus.  Permission will be granted on a case by case basis.
2.  Bus Safety
2.1.  All buses shall be operated in accordance with regulations for safety as set out by the Highway Traffic Board.  All safety regulations must be strictly adhered to.
3.  Substitute Drivers
3.1.  Where a regularly scheduled driver is unable to drive his/her route, then he/she must make every attempt to find a substitute driver.  The substitute driver must be on the Approved Substitute Drivers List.

3.2.  Individuals not on the Approved Substitute Bus Drivers List must not be used to substitute drive.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 110, 121, 194, 195, 196, 197, Education Act
Highways and Transportation Act
Traffic Safety Act

February 24, 2012