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Horizon School Division
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AP 520 - Fundraising


The Division strives to have school program costs covered through the budget allocation process.  The Division recognizes that generating additional revenue in support of programs can enhance educational services for students.  Funds raised should be used to benefit students, enhance quality and relevance of education for learners and contribute to the development of responsible citizens.  Fundraising activities must be compatible with the best interests of the students, school staff and community and not detract from curricular activities. Funds raised should complement, not replace, public funding for education.


1.  The principal, in consultation with staff and student leaders (if appropriate), shall develop procedures to guide all fundraising activities.

2.  Proposed fundraising activities shall be reviewed by the School Community Council.

3.  Final approval for fundraising activities rests with the principal.

4.  When a community has more than one school, those schools are to cooperate in developing a scope and sequence of fundraising activities.

5.  Participation in fundraising activities should be voluntary.

6.  Fundraising projects shall not detract from instructional time.

7.  The school shall be sensitive to the community, its businesses and its residents, before undertaking fundraising activity.

8.  Monies generated by a school’s fundraising project(s) are subject to the recording, accounting and auditing process and procedures of the Division.

Reference:    Section x, x, Education Act