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AP 519 - Expense Claim


The Division seeks to reimburse staff in a timely manner for approved expenses incurred.


1.  Expense claim forms are to be submitted at the end of each month.

2.  Prior to submission, ensure that all calculations are made, the form is totaled, and signed. Any reimbursements that require a receipt, must have the receipt attached in order for the expense claims to be considered completed. Incomplete forms will be returned to the employee.

3.  Payment will be made from original claim forms only. An email from the claimant will be accepted, as long as there are no receipts to attach. If the claim is submitted by email, no other original is required.

4.  Claim forms are to be submitted to the following:

  • Principal’s Monthly Travel (to meetings) – (In most cases, these will be completed at the Principal’s meeting, and then submitted directly for reimbursement)
  • Senior Administration – Direct Supervisor
  • Computer Technicians – Direct Supervisor
  • Psychologists – Direct Supervisor
  • Speech Language Pathologists – Direct Supervisor
  • Student Counselors – Direct Supervisor
  • Maintenance Staff – Direct Supervisor
  • Mechanics/Transportation Personnel – Direct Supervisor
  • School Clerical Staff – Direct Supervisor
  • Career Guidance Counselors – Direct Supervisor
  • Educational Assistants transporting Special Needs Students – Direct Supervisor
  • Pre-K Contracted Drivers – Direct Supervisor
  • French Immersion Contracted Drivers – Direct Supervisor
  • Band Directors – Direct Supervisor
  • Central Office Support Staff – Direct Supervisor
  • Student Services Related – Direct Supervisor
  • Athletics/Extra-Curricular Activities – Administrator of Student Activities (Humboldt). If preferred, these can be submitted throughout the month for each occurrence.
  • Professional Development Expense Claim Forms (teachers) – Superintendent of Human Resources.
  • Professional Development Expense Claim Forms (all staff except teachers) – Superintendent of Human Resources.
  • Purchase of Items – if an employee has purchased a small item, reimbursement should be made at the school level out of petty cash, and not included on a regular expense claim form.
  • Others – for any other type of expense claim form, not listed above, see your Direct Supervisor.

5.  Payments will be made by electronic transfer of funds.

Form Attached: Various Expense Claim Forms
For Further Clarification Contact: Superintendent of Finance

Reference:  Sections 87, 108, 109, 110, Education Act

August 23, 2011