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Horizon School Division
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AP 517 - Disposal of Non-Required Materials and Equipment

Horizon School Division approves the disposal of furniture, equipment and materials that are no longer required by the Division. Items should only be disposed of when there is no use for the item at any other location within the Division. Items identified as having no value shall be disposed of in a sanitary landfill. Items identified as having value shall be offered for sale to the general public. No individual shall have any advantage with respect to the purchase of items from the Division.
The following procedures shall apply to the disposal of materials and equipment owned by the Division:
1.  The Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO shall ensure that the disposal of materials and equipment is done in accordance with The Education Act, 1995, and this Administrative Procedure.
2.  All requests for disposal of materials and equipment shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO.
3.  A list of items of perceived value shall be compiled and circulated by the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO to all Principals to allow for further use of these items at other locations within the Division. No cost or benefit will be involved in transferring materials and/or equipment from one location to another.
4.  The Superintendent of Operational Services/COO shall be responsible for collecting and disposing of all items identified as surplus in the appropriate manner. Approved methods of disposal are:

4.1.  By transfer to another location;
4.2.  By disposal in a sanitary landfill; or
4.3.  By sale to the general public.

5.  All items disposed of shall be removed from the Division's asset listing and insurance appraisal.

6. Net proceeds from the sale of items shall be placed in general School Division revenues.


Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 110, 347, Education Act, 1995

Revised June 2, 2017