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AP 514 - Out of Pocket Expenses


Staff members may claim out of pocket expenses for meals and accommodations incurred while supervising students during extra-curricular activities.


1.  Staff members who have incurred such expenses must submit an AF-514 Out of Pocket Expense Claim Form.pdf to the Administrator of Student Activities.

2.  Expense claims must be submitted in a timely manner either at the conclusion of an activity or at the end of the month.

3.  Staff members claiming meal expenses must submit receipts for actual expenditures when purchased at a commercial venue. Meal claims (actual expenditures) from venues where no receipts are typically issued (e.g. gym canteen) are also acceptable. A maximum for meals is outlined below:
Breakfast: $10.00
Lunch: $13.00
Supper: $16.00

4.  Staff members claiming accommodation expenses must submit receipts for actual expenditures. Reimbursement is limited to $140/room per night.

5.  Staff members are expected to share accommodations with another supervisor of the same gender.

6.  Accommodation expenses incurred at HCAA District and SHSAA Regional and Provincial competition will be claimed on the activity-specific funding form, not the Out-of-Pocket Expense Claim Form.

Reference: Sections 85, 87, 109, 110, Education Act

March 7, 2011
Revised July 18, 2017