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AP 501 - School Based Budgets and School Generated Funds

Schools receive discretionary funding from two primary sources. The majority of this funding is typically provided to them through an annual Division allocation or School Based Budget (SBB). The second most common source of funding stems from fundraising at each school, or School Generated Funds (SGF).
It is an expectation that Principals, in collaboration with their staff and School Community Councils, effectively plan by identifying the intended use of any and all discretionary funding received by them or the school.
1.  School Based Budgets
1.1.  The Director will ensure annual School Based Budget appropriations are provided to schools as part of the annual budget process.
1.2.  Principals are responsible for the effective control of expenditures within the budgetary limits established for their school.
1.3.  The School Based Budget appropriation is determined based on the needs of each school, as identified through an annual school based budget tour conducted by the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO, Superintendent of Operational Services/COO and the school principal.  
1.4.  In order to ensure that school staffs are provided with meaningful input into planned expenditures, principals shall collaborate with their school staff to identify specific school needs in advance of the annual school based budget tour. 
1.5.  The school based budget funding allocations will be structured to reflect the educational priorities of the Board and of the Schools Learning Improvement Plan.
1.6.  Principals may access real -time financial information on their school-based budgets at any time through the SGF Web Portal accessed at:
1.7.  Year -end balances may be carried forward to the next school year, subject to approval by the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO. Surplus amounts larger than 5% of the annual School Based Budget allocation or $5,000, whichever is greater, must be supported by a plan for its use that has been approved by the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO and endorsed by School Staff and SCCs by November 30 of the subsequent year.   
1.8.  Any schools with deficits shall submit a plan by November 30 of the subsequent year to the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO detailing how the school will pay off their deficit. 
1.9.  Principals will submit updates in September, December, March and June to their staff and SCC as to the balances in each budget category during the budget year.
1.10.  At the end of each fiscal year, the Director will be provided with the fiscal results for each school. This report ill e incle as part of the principals annal perforance evaluation.
2.  School Generated Funds
2.1.  The planned amount and intention of any School Generated Funds must be identified with staff, students where applicable, and presented to SCCs for approval prior to the commencement of any fundraising.
2.2.  Principals shall provide an up -to -date report on the School Generated Funds and related plans to the school staff and to the SCC in September, December, March and June of each year.
2.3.  Where, at the end of a budget year, the remaining SGFs are in excess of the greater of 5% of the annual School Based Budget allocation or $5,000, the Principal shall provide the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO with a clear and specific plan for the unused amounts. These plan(s) will be:
2.3.1.  Developed in consultation with school staff, students where applicable, and SCC;
2.3.2.  Approved by the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO for use in the next budget year; and
2.3.3.  Where an approved plan does not exist, no further fundraising will be approved/allowed until all the unused funds have a clear approved plan for their use.
2.4.  School Generated Funds will be managed as per Administrative Procedure 511  Administration of School Generated Funds. 
3.  The above requirements must be met in order to ensure that risk is minimized and there is transparency in regards to the planning, expending and handling of funds.

March 19, 2014
Revised June 2, 2017