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Horizon School Division
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AP 500 - Budget

The Director shall present annual operating and capital budgets to the Horizon School Division Board of Education for approval that reflect the vision, mission, and values of the Horizon School Division No. 205 as detailed in the Board’s annual strategic plan.


1.  Budget Preparation and Management

1.1.  The Director (or designate) oversees the preparation of the budget, including the coordination of educational and financial planning.

1.2.  The standard revenue and expenditure classifications as prescribed by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Saskatchewan are to be used.

1.3.  The general expectation is that actual revenues and expenditures will be on budget.

1.3.1.  Internally or externally restricted surplus funds are only to be expended for the purpose for which the restricted surplus was established.

1.3.2.  The Director may approve expenditures up to an amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in excess of the overall budget. Expenditures in excess of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) of the overall budget require Board approval upon recommendation of the Director.

1.3.3  The Director may approve change orders on capital projects with a value up to 10% of the project cost or $100,000, whichever is less. Change orders in excess of that amount require Board approval upon recommendation of the Director.

1.4.  The Director (or designate) shall assign the role of budget manager to employees where deemed appropriate based on their role description and area of responsibility.

1.4.1.  Each assigned budget manager shall provide initial budget requests tailored to meet the anticipated needs of the programs, initiatives, and services of their area of responsibility.

1.4.2.  Budget funding appropriations are to be structured to reflect the educational priorities of the Board and the needs of each particular school and/or service department.

1.4.3.  Budget managers may access real time budget to actual reports for their specific budget through the SGF Web Portal accessed at:

1.4.4  Each budget manager shall be held accountable in their annual performance appraisal for the effective control of expenditures within the budgetary limits approved by the Board.

1.5.  The Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO is responsible for:

1.5.1.  Overseeing the compilation of initial budget requests from each budget manager;

1.5.2.  The refinement of the budget through consultation with the Director and each budget manager;

1.5.3.  The preparation of the summarized budget report for presentation to the Board through the Director; and

1.5.4.  The submission of the Board approved budget to the Ministry of Education for approval.

1.6.  Following approval of the budget by the Ministry of Education, the Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO is responsible for:

1.6.1.  Continuous monitoring of budget to actual variances;

1.6.2.  Monthly financial reporting to the Director; and

1.6.3.  Preparation of quarterly fiscal accountability reports to the Audit Committee through the Director.

2.  Budget Year Calendar

2.1.  The Director (or designate) will ensure the budget is prepared in a timely fashion so that the targets related to budget as outlined in the Board’s Annual Work Plan can be met.

3.  Capital Budget

3.1.  The Superintendent of Operational Services/COO will produce and maintain a five-year school facilities construction plan in accordance with Administrative Procedure AP-540 Facilities Planning.

3.2.  The Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO, in consultation with assigned budget managers, will produce and maintain a five-year capital investment plan to allow for the sustainable renewal of school buses, fleet vehicles, furniture and equipment, and information technology investments.

3.3.  The five-year school facilities construction plan and five-year capital investment plan are to be integral parts of the annual budget process.

3.4.  The Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO shall develop an annual plan to meet the cash expenditure requirements for capital investment purposes.

3.5.  The Director shall recommend annually the five-year capital plans for Board approval. These plans shall include:

3.5.1.  Changes in educational programming and services;

3.5.2.  Projected population and enrolment shifts; and

3.5.3.  Review of assets and borrowing capacity.

4.  School-Based Budget carryovers shall be maintained in accordance with AP 501 – School-Based Budgets and School Generated Funds

4.1.  SCC surplus amounts will be internally restricted by Board motion and made available for carryover to the subsequent year’s budget.

Reference: Section 85, 325, 348, 370 The Education Act, 1995
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