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AP 496 - Non-Faculty Coach Applications
The Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association (SHSAA) urges that all schools strive to have faculty members (teachers) as head coaches of their interscholastic teams. Horizon School Division recognizes that non-faculty (support staff and volunteer) coaches, have an important role to play in ensuring the quality of the schools’ extra-curricular athletic activities.
The following steps must be taken, in order for an individual to become a non-faculty coach and work directly with student athletes:  
1.  Form E-14 needs to be completed and signed by the applicant and the principal. The application must then be forwarded to the Superintendent of Learning Services for approval.  Upon approval, the Superintendent of Learning Services will forward the application to SHSAA for their approval (senior activities).  The Superintendent of Learning Services will also send a copy to Horizon School Division’s Administrator of Student Activities for both junior and senior activities.
2.  A current criminal record check/vulnerable sector check (CRC/VSC) must accompany the non-faculty coach application. Please refer to AP 495 – Criminal Record Checks for Volunteers

2.1.  If the applicant is a current employee, the Superintendent of Learning Services will consult with Human Resource Services to verify a CRC/VSC has been obtained. Please refer to AP 404 – Criminal Record Checks for Employees.

3.  Applicants wishing to coach a senior activity, must have graduated from high school at least four years prior to submitting their application.

4.  All applicants must complete the following courses prior to the first instance of working with student-athletes.  The non-faculty coach’s application must include a copy the certificates of completion for each of these courses.

4.1.  Fundamentals of Coaching.

4.1.1.  Fundamentals of Coaching does not need to be completed if:

      • The applicant holds a valid teaching certificate; or,
      • The applicant has been grandfathered (approved as a non-faculty coach in 2013-2014 or earlier).  

4.2.  Respect in Sport (Saskatchewan Hockey’s Speak-Out or Respect in School, would also be accepted);

4.3.  Concussion in Sports – What You Need to Know, please refer to AP 497 – Concussion Procedure – Interschool Athletics, for more information; and,

 5.  In addition to the aforementioned courses, tackle football coaches are required to complete the following:

  • Making Head Way in Football 
  • Safe Contact  

5.1.  A copy of the applicant’s transcript (or similar) showing that these courses have been completed, must be submitted with the non-faculty coach application.   
5.2.  A first-time tackle football coach has one year to attain the Safe Contact Course.

6.  Archery coaches are required to have completed the NASP Basic Archery Instructor course.  A copy of the applicant’s completion certificate must be submitted with the approved nonfaculty coach application. 

6.1.  Archery is considered a high risk activity. Approval from the Director of Education must be obtained as per AP 261 – High Risk Activities, prior to student participation in this activity.

References: SHSAA Handbook, Horizon School Division APs: 261, 404, 495 and 497. 

April 6, 2011
Revised June 2, 2017