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AP 495 - Criminal Record Checks for Volunteers

Horizon School Division supports the use of volunteers in our schools. Volunteers include, but are not limited to: interns, student teachers, school & classroom volunteers, volunteer drivers, SCC Members, Non Faculty Coaches and individuals involved in officiating sporting and extra-curricular activities.

Ensuring a safe and caring environment for students is the primary consideration in the selection and use of volunteers.


1.  The principal shall be responsible for the selection and approval of volunteers in their schools.

2.  All volunteers, who in the purview of the principal, may be alone with students, shall require a Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check.
2.1.  Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Checks must have been completed within the past 3 months for all new volunteers in Horizon School Division.
2.2.  Only original documentation, or copies that are certified by the principal, as being true copies of the original documentation, will be accepted. 
2.3.  Volunteers are required to have a Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check completed every three years.
3.  If an individual from an outside agency is required to provide their services in Horizon School Division, a criminal record check will be required.

3.1 If the outside agency has a Criminal Record Check policy in place, individuals will not be required to have an additional Criminal Record Check completed, while providing services in Horizon School Division.

4.  A request for a Criminal Record Check is the responsibility of the applicant, any cost incurred while obtaining a Criminal Record Check is the responsibility of the applicant.

5.  Individuals must immediately inform the Principal if there is a change in their criminal record status or drivers abstract.
5.1.  Principals must immediately inform the Director of Education, or designate, in regards to any changes they become aware of.
6.  Criminal Record Checks are valid as of the date they were conducted, results are provided with the date of completion not an expiration date.

7.  Completed Criminal Record Checks will be kept on file by school administration, archived forms will be retained for 7 years.

8.  The Director of Education, or designate, will annually conduct audits of selected schools of this administrative procedure.

Criminal Record check

This process verifies whether an individual has a criminal record and provides the applicant with the detailed information that can be legally disclosed.

Vulnerable Sector (VS) check

This process verifies whether an individual has a criminal record, as well as any record suspensions (formerly pardons) for sexual offences and local police records for information relevant to the VS check. The information that can be legally disclosed is provided to the applicant. Read frequently asked questions about vulnerable sector checks.


The RCMP defines 'volunteer work' as benevolent work for which an individual does not receive financial compensations for his/her time and is not ordered to do so by a court or a judicial body. In order to have the fee waived, your application must be accompanied by a letter from the volunteer organization with the following information:
  • The name and address of the organization that requires the screening
  • Your name
  • The reason for the screening (ie: volunteer, non-faculty coach, etc.) and where a Vulnerable Sector check was requested, who you will be working with (children/youth)
  • A statement that you will not be paid for your work nor compensated for any expenses

Reference: Sections 85, 87, 109, Education Act
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April 4, 2011
Revised September 14, 2015
December 15, 2015