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AP 469 - Absent Without Leave

Principals should use the following guidelines and procedures with any employee who is absent without leave.

Absent Without Leave is defined as “absent from work without permission.”


1.  Guidelines for this Procedure
1.1.  Principals must clearly communicate the expectation that staff will notify them of any absence no later than 8:00 a.m. of the day on which the employee intends to be absent.
1.2.  Principals must create a list of staff telephone numbers that includes a home telephone number and an alternate designated telephone number for each staff member.  This list should be accessible to the vice-principal or the school secretary should the principal be unavailable.
1.3.  Dealing with a staff member who is absent without leave is not necessarily a lock-step process but will be considered in combination with other performance factors. Therefore, an absence of a day or more, when considered with other performance factors, may escalate the procedure and result in more serious sanctions up to and including termination of employment.
1.4.  The principal must document all meetings with a staff member who has been absent without leave as part of the performance appraisal system.
1.5.  The employee has the right to representation at any meeting.
1.6.  Any letter(s) that are a part of this procedure should be copied to the appropriate people and personnel files including the employee, the employee’s personnel file, the Superintendent of Human Resources, and the representative of the appropriate employee group or federation.
1.7.  The employee has the right to appeal as outlined in appropriate collective agreement or in Board policy.
2.  Procedures for the First Instance of Absence Without Leave
2.1.  The principal will investigate the first occurrence of a staff member being absent without leave.
2.2.  The principal will convene a meeting and advise the employee that he/she may bring a shop steward, federation representative, or other appropriate representative.
2.3.  At the meeting, the principal will explore with the employee the circumstances and reasons for his/her absence. The employee will be advised that he/she did not meet the terms of employment nor the expectation regarding notification of absence from work. The employee will be advised that a further absence from work without permission may result in sanctions up to and including a termination.
2.4.  If it is determined that further action may be necessary, the principal will advise the Superintendent of Human Resources. Follow-up action as outlined in Section 3 below may be pursued in extremely serious first instances or in combination with other job performance issues.
3.  Procedure for Second or Subsequent Instances of Absence Without Leave
3.1.  The principal will investigate.
3.2.  If it is determined that further action may be necessary, the principal will advise the Superintendent of Human Resources.
3.3.  The principal will advise the employee in writing at a meeting that:
    • the employee is being sent home immediately;
    • the issue will be further investigated by the Superintendent of Human Resources; and
    • the issue will be reported to the Board. The Director (or designate) will investigate and if necessary, make a recommendation to the Board for the employee’s termination of employment.
3.4.  The Superintendent of Human Resources and the Director will pursue the actions outlined in number 3 above.

Reference:  Sections 87, 108, 175, Education Act
Collective Agreements

March 29, 2011