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AP 461 - Internships and Other Practicum

The initial development and induction of teachers and support staff is recognized as a vital process for the success of new staff members as they begin their duties in Horizon schools or in other school jurisdictions.

Professional staff share in the responsibility for the development and induction of new members of their professions.    

The Division supports its belief in the importance of internships and other practicum experiences by providing suitable placements for this important developmental work.


1.  Teacher Internships
1.1.  Applications by teachers to act as co-operating teachers with interns should be made to the Superintendent of Schools for their school.  
1.2.  The Superintendent of Schools will coordinate the distribution and completion of forms from various universities.
1.3.  The release time necessary for co-operating teachers to participate in internship seminars and/or designated meetings will be arranged through the principal.
1.4.  An intern will be assigned in co-operation with the teacher, the principal, and the Superintendent of Schools.
1.5.  Before being placed in a school, each intern is required to submit a criminal records check to Human Resources.
1.6.  Interns may be granted an honorarium of $400 upon the successful completion of their internship. The principal shall submit the names and addresses of successful interns to the Superintendent of Schools who will arrange for payment of the honorariums with the Finance Department.
2.  Support Staff Practicum
2.1.  Individuals enrolled in a recognized educational assistant course (e.g. SIAST) must apply to the Superintendent of Human Resources for placement in a practicum within the Division. Such applications must be well in advance of the starting date of the proposed practicum.
2.2.  Applicants for a practicum must complete an application for substitute service and must therefore provide three references and a recent criminal record check.
2.3.  Once the applicant has been approved for substitute service by the Superintendent of Human Resources, the Superintendent will contact a principal to discuss placement of a practicum in that school.  If the placement is deemed to be satisfactory, the applicant will be placed in the practicum at that school. In their deliberations, the Superintendent and the principal will be aware of the issues that might arise if the applicant is a parent of students in the school.
2.4.  No honorarium is available for support staff practicum placements.
2.5.  Evaluation of the practicum will be based upon the requirements of the specific educational institution.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 175, 231, Education Act

March 9, 2011
Revised November 28, 2013