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AP 448 - Bus Driver - Working Conditions

All non-unionized bus drivers that are employed with Horizon School Division #205 the wages, benefits and general working conditions of employment are covered in this administrative procedure.  No other wages or benefits are provided other than those included herein and those required under The Saskatchewan Employment Act.


1.  Days of Work
1.1.  Working Days
School Bus Drivers shall have their salaries computed on the basis of the applicable daily rate, plus vacation, based on an annual bus driver calendar, from September to June as determined by the Employer.  
2.  Vacation
2.1.  Annual Vacation and Statutory Holidays
Bus drivers shall receive vacation pay in lieu of annual vacation provided for under The Saskatchewan Employment Act. Where payable, vacation pay is to be paid in each pay period.
Bus Drivers shall not be required by the employer to work on statutory holidays which fall within the regular school calendar and will be paid on the basis of a normal day's wages for that employee for each of the following days which fall during the school year:
New Year's Day                      Christmas Day
Good Friday                            Labour Day                 Victoria Day
Thanksgiving Day                   Family Day                  Remembrance Day
3.  Leaves
3.1.  Definitions:
3.1.1.  Immediate Family
The employee's spouse, parent, grandparent, child, son/daughter-in-law, grandchild, brother or sister, or the spouse of the brother or sister; or the employee's spouse's parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister or the spouse of the brother or sister.
3.1.2.  Extended Family
The employee's aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.
3.2.  Sick Leave
Sick Leave is defined as period of time an employee is absent from work by virtue of personal illness, disability or because of an accident for which compensation is not payable under The Workers' Compensation Act, 1979, or The Automobile Accident Insurance Act. Pay will be provided for Sick Leave in accordance with the terms set out below.
3.2.1.  Basic Entitlement
Each employee shall be entitled to Sick Leave in the amount of two (2) days for each month worked to a maximum of twenty (20) days per school year.
3.2.2.  Accumulated Entitlement
The unused portion of an employee's Sick Leave shall accumulate to a maximum of one hundred and eighty (180) days.
3.2.3.  Proof of Illness
  • The Employer reserves the right to request proof of illness from a medical physician when an employee is claiming Sick Leave benefits in excess of three (3) consecutive working days.
  • The Employer reserves the right to request proof of illness at any time if abuse is suspected.
3.2.4.  Notification
  • Employees are responsible for arranging for his/her own spare driver and notifying the Manager of Transportation Services.
  • If no spare driver can be arranged, the driver is responsible for notifying the school Principal and parents/caregivers.
  • Failure to make the appropriate notifications, without good cause, shall deprive the employee from the benefits to which he/she would normally be entitled under this Article.
3.2.5.  Annual Statement
  • Each employee shall be entitled to receive annually a statement of unexpended Sick Leave credits.
  • Unused Sick Leave credits shall be forfeited in the event of termination, resignation, or retirement, and no compensation for the credits shall be provided to the employee.
3.3.  Family Medical Leave
3.3.1.  Employees shall be eligible to access up to a maximum of three (3) days of accumulated Sick Leave per school year to attend to the medical needs of an employee's parent, spouse or child.
3.4.  Bereavement Leave
3.4.1.  Employees shall be eligible to access up to a maximum of five (5) days leave, without loss of pay or benefits, in the event of the death of a member of the employee's immediate family.
3.4.2.  Employees shall be eligible to access up to a maximum of three (3) days leave, without loss of pay or benefits, in the event of the death of a member of the employee's extended family.
3.5.  Compassionate Leave
3.5.1.  An employee shall be eligible to access up to five (5) consecutive days leave with pay to attend to each serious illness of each member of the employee's immediate family.
3.5.2.  An employee shall be eligible to access up to three (3) day leave with pay to attend to each serious illness of each member of the employee's extended family.
3.6.  Pressing Necessity Leave
Each employee may be entitled to personal leave at the discretion of the Director (or designate).  Requests for leave shall be made in writing to the Director (or designate).  A maximum of five (5) days with pay may be granted in each school year. The following instances are examples for which Pressing Necessity Leave may be sought:
3.6.1.  An emergency, accident, serious illness, or sickness of the employee's immediate family.
3.6.2.  Attending non-routine medical and dental appointments or specialist referrals for immediate family members.
All days granted as Pressing Necessity Leave shall be charged to the employee's accumulated Sick Leave account.

3.7.  Jury/Witness Leave
An employee who is absent from work as a result of being subpoenaed to be a witness in court or of being required to serve on a jury shall be paid his/her normal salary while absent subject to the following conditions:
3.7.1.  The employee shall notify the Director of Education (or designate) as soon as possible after receipt of notice for such absence.
3.7.2.  This provision does not apply to an employee:
  • Who has a direct or indirect interest in the outcome of any proceedings, or
  • Who appears as an accused in any proceedings.
3.8.  Maternity Leave
Leave shall be granted in accordance with The Saskatchewan Employment Act.
3.9.  Parental Leave
Leave will be granted in accordance with The Saskatchewan Employment Act.
3.10.  Adoption Leave
Leave will be granted in accordance with The Saskatchewan Employment Act.
3.11.  General Leave
The Director of Education (or designate) may in his or her absolute discretion grant a leave of absence, with or without pay, to any employee requesting such leave. All requests must be made in writing to the Director (or designate), and must be approved by the Director (or designate) before any leave is taken.
4.  Definitions of Positions
4.1.  Permanent Employees
Shall be those persons appointed to a permanent position.
4.2.  Temporary Employees
A contract for a pre-determined period of time of not more than one (1) year to provide service for drivers on approved leaves of absence.
4.3.  Spare Drivers
Spare drivers shall be those persons engaged to perform work on a call-in basis or in an emergent situation which does not require a job posting.
4.4.  Probationary Employees
All newly hired employees, except spare employees, shall be on probation for the first three (3) months of active employment.  During the probationary period, the employees shall be entitled to all rights and benefits set out in this Administrative Procedure except where explicitly indicated.
5.  Hours of Work

The normal daily hours of work of a bus driver are deemed to be four (4) hours per driving day and includes the driver's regular route travel time and also includes time for cleaning, warm-up, checking, fuel-up, servicing and driver in-services.
5.1.  Overtime
Overtime shall be provided, if eligible, pursuant to The Saskatchewan Employment Act.
6.  Approved Drivers

No person shall operate a school vehicle except the driver assigned by the Director of Education or designate.  The Director of Education or designate will approve a spare driver.  The spare driver shall operate the vehicle in accordance with the procedures outlined herein. 

Drivers may be requested by the employer to provide an abstract of his/her driving record at any time during their employment, at the employer's expense.

7.  Medical/Driving Examination

The employer, at its discretion, may require a bus driver to take a medical exam and/or driving exam, periodically, at the employer's expense.  This will include medical and driver test fees associated with re-qualification.

8.  Driver In-services

Attendance at employer-sponsored bus driver in-service meetings shall be mandatory.  Spare bus drivers shall be compensated for attendance at the daily substitute rate. 

9.  Regulations
9.1.  Employees shall comply with all protocols and administrative procedures of Horizon School Division.
9.2.  Bus drivers must adhere to the regulations under The Education Act, 1995, The Highway Traffic Safety Act, and The Highway Traffic Board.
9.3.  Bus drivers will not operate a bus, in the transportation of students or otherwise, while impaired or under the influence of an impairing substance. Violation of this Article can result in immediate termination for cause.
10.  Compensation
10.1.  Rate of Pay
Years of Experience2020-2021
10 & more$107.62

*Spare Bus Drivers shall earn the daily rate provided for drivers with 0 to 4 years of employment.
10.2.  Field Trip Rates

July 1, 2020
$16.51 per hour when loaded with students and waiting time.

*Above Field Trip Rates include all required statutory holiday pay and annual vacation pay amounts.
The minimum hours of work payable shall be two (2) hours, including waiting time.  

10.3.  Plug-in Power
Effective July 1, 2020, bus drivers shall receive an annual allowance of $320.00 for plugging in buses during the winter months.  The allowance shall be paid directly to the resident where the school bus is plugged in, to be paid in June of each year
10.4.  Bus Servicing
10.4.1.  Bus Drivers who drive their bus for service trips shall be reimbursed at the field trip rate.
10.4.2.  If the bus driver has to use his/her personal vehicle to be driven home or back to pick up the bus, he/she will be compensated for mileage at a rate determined by the employer.
10.5.  Bus Washing Allowance
Bus drivers shall be entitled to an allowance of $175.00 per year to assist with the cost of washing the school bus, to be paid in June of each year.
10.6.  Allowance for Wheelchair Loading
Bus drivers who are required to load wheel chairs on the bus will be paid $5.00 per day in addition to the daily rate.
10.7.  Cellular Phone
A regular route driver is required to carry a cell phone.  The employee shall bear the cost for the purchase of a cell phone.  The employer will provide a subsidy for the cost of the cell phone in the amount of $26.45 per month, to be paid in June of each year.
11.  Payment of Wages
11.1.  The employer shall pay wages and allowances on a semi-monthly basis.  The employee will be paid on the 15th and the last day of the month.  If those days occur on a weekend, the employee will be paid the Friday prior.
11.2. Employees shall have their pay equalized and paid in semi-monthly installments, from September through to June. 
11.3. Spare drivers shall receive pay on the 6th and on the 21st.  If those days occur on a weekend, you will be paid the Friday prior.
12.  Municipal Employees Pension Plan
Permanent employees shall be enrolled in the Municipal Employees Pension Plan following successful completion of a three-month probationary period.

The Employer may amend this Administrative Procedure and the working conditions set out herein from time to time.

September 1, 2020