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AP 442 - Noon Supervision

Noon-period supervision is a shared responsibility among those teachers who volunteer to provide this service and, in doing so, may earn up to three (3) days as EDOs in a given school year.

  • Fulltime teachers who volunteer to provide noon-hour supervision will earn three (3) EDOs for the supervision they do in a supervision schedule created for the school year.
  • Part time teachers, who volunteer to supervise during noon hour, will have their time on the supervision schedule prorated to their contract of employment.
  • For those teachers hired on a temporary contract, the portion of the three days earned will be prorated from the first day of a teacher’s contract of employment with HSD.
  • Should a fulltime teacher be absent from his/her duties for more than 19 consecutive days, the teacher on temporary contract has the option to earn EDO’s in the fulltime teacher’s absence.
  • The schedule for noon-period supervision shall be established prior to the commencement of each school year.
  • All teachers are required to complete the Noon Period Supervision form and submit it to the Principal prior to the end of June in each school year.  Those teachers who are not willing to provide noon period supervision, must also provide the principal with written notification before the end of June of the current school year
  • The principal is required to scan and e-mail a copy of each Noon Period Supervision Form and forward it to Superintendent of Human Resources.

Reference: LINC Agreement

May 9, 2013