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AP 442 - Noon Hour Supervision

The Principal is responsible for ensuring that noon period supervision is provided for students. Each school principal shall develop a supervision schedule based on the total number of noon period supervision cycles required each year.  Staff will have the opportunity to earn Earned Days Off (EDOs), to a maximum of three (3) days per school year. Teaching staff will have the first opportunity to be included in the supervision cycle.  In schools where there are fewer than ten (10) teachers and/or there is a demonstrated need, support staff will have the opportunity to be included in the supervision cycle. 


1.  In consultation with teaching staff, the principal shall establish a student per supervisor ratio in accordance with the needs of the school.

2.  All teachers are required to complete AF 442 - Noon Hour Supervision Form no later than the first day of the school year calendar.
2.1.  All teaching staff hired throughout the school year will complete AF 442 prior to their start date.
3.  Where it is determined that support staff are needed to provide noon period supervision, they must declare no later than the first day of the school year by completing AF 442.  

4.  Staff members who commit to provide noon period supervision are assigned for the full school year.

5.  The noon period supervision schedule will be created prior to the first student day of the school year and may be subject to change based on the needs of the school as determined by the Principal in consultation with teaching staff at the school.  

6.  The principal will submit the school supervision schedule to the Deputy Director of Education (or designate) prior to September 15, annually, and ten (10) days following any subsequent changes throughout the school year.

Reference: LINC Agreement
CUPE Agreement
Horizon Support Staff Association Agreement

May 9, 2013
Revised October 3, 2019