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AP 441 - Support Staff Performance Evaluation

Job performance evaluation is a key element in the Division’s accountability to its community and students, as well as, vitally important to the personal growth and development of all staff in the Division.

Performance evaluation is viewed as a positive process through which individuals may learn about areas of strength and understand areas in which they need to focus their efforts toward improvement.


1.  Support staff will participate in a performance evaluation every second year while employed by the Division.

2.  Principals are encouraged to review the appropriate Support Staff Performance Evaluation Form in August with each member of the school’s support staff who will participate in a performance evaluation that school year.

3.  In January, it is recommended that the principal conduct a mid-year review so that each member of support staff is aware of areas requiring attention and improvement.

4.  During the spring, the principal shall meet with each member of the support staff to discuss his/her performance evaluation. This discussion shall include the principal’s perceptions of performance levels for each performance indicator, commendations for excellent work, areas for growth, and plans for the support staff member’s further development in the role.

5.  The principal shall submit a completed Support Staff Performance Evaluation Form to the area Superintendent of Schools by May 30th.

Reference:  Sections 85, 108, 109, 175, 231, Education Act

March 28, 2011