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AP 427 - Short Term Secondment


The Division recognizes that it has a number of very capable and talented employees whose expertise in areas including, but not limited to, technology, performing arts, and childhood development, has gained them provincial and/or national recognition.

These employees are often contacted with requests to lead in-service education sessions and make presentations at conferences from organizations other than the Ministry of Education.

The Division has established a standard procedure for either the person employed by the Division to obtain leave or for other organizations wishing to secure their services on a Secondment basis.


Organizations, other than the Ministry of Education and the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, wishing to secure the services of personnel in the employ of the Division shall proceed as follows:

1.  A letter requesting permission to second an employee of the School Division shall be forwarded to the Superintendent of Human Resources at least one month prior to the date upon which the Secondment shall take place.

2.  The Superintendent of Human Resources will contact the employee with a request for written confirmation of his/her agreement to the Secondment.

3.  A letter either granting or denying the request for Secondment will be drafted by the Superintendent of Human Resources upon consultation with the employee’s immediate supervisor and the area Superintendent.

4.  Where the request for Secondment is granted, the requesting organization shall also receive a AF 427 - Short Term Secondment Invoice Form outlining the salary costs for the employee, the costs incurred to hire a substitute for the employee, and a statement of expectation that any out-of-pocket expenses or per diem incurred by the employee is the responsibility of the organization seconding the Division’s employee.

5.  In the event that an organization contacts the Division employee(s) directly with a request to provide seconded services, the employee shall:
5.1.  Inform the organization of this procedure and request that they contact the Superintendent of Human Resources as outlined above; and
5.2.  Inform the organization of the costs they will be expected to cover, as outlined above.
6.  The maximum number of days that any one Division employee may be seconded will be determined on an individual basis, in consultation with the Superintendent of Human Resources and the area Superintendent of Schools. Such approval will be predicated on operational feasibility and the needs of the students that would be impacted by the absence of the teacher.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, Education Act

March 22, 2011