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AP 424 - Transfer of Professional Staff

The division recognizes the importance of its staff in achieving success for all students.  To meet the goals of the Division, the Director of Education (or designate) maintains the right to deploy staff in a manner that meets the needs of the system.

Teachers may request or may be directed to be transferred to another community or school within the School Division.  The procedure is intended to give consideration to each transfer request, but takes into account staffing requirements of the individual schools and the school division as a whole.


1.  Teacher Requested Transfers
1.1.  Teachers wishing to transfer to another school must complete a transfer request form (Transfer Request Form), which will be submitted to Human Resources by January 31 of the current academic year.  The form provides information about the requested assignment, the requested school, preferred assignment and the teachers current assignment.
1.2.  As part of the staffing process for the upcoming school year Human Resources will review all transfer requests to determine if there are positions available.
1.3.  If deemed that there is an available position, each transfer request will be reviewed to determine if the transfer candidate has the fit, qualifications and skills necessary for the position.
1.4.  Once the candidate has met all requirements a consultative process between Human Resources and the receiving school principal will begin.  This will allow the receiving principal input into the transfer process and insight to access the teachers fit into the school culture.
1.5.  Input from the school principal will be given significant consideration; however the final decision falls with the Director of Education (or designate) who takes into account the needs of the Division as a whole.
1.6.  Once a final decision has been made Human Resources will communicate to the teacher and the involved principals.
2.  Administrative Transfers
2.1.  The Director of Education (or designate) may transfer a teacher to another school based on the needs of the division.  In the case of an administrative transfer, the Director of Education (or designate) shall inform the teacher of the transfer.
2.2.  The Director of Education (or designate) shall communicate with the teacher and the principals of the affected schools to discuss the potential of a possible administrative transfer.
2.3.  Once a final decision has been made Human Resources will communicate to the teacher and the involved principals.
3.  When a transfer is initiated, the following will be considered:
3.1.  Transfers will be reviewed for the upcoming school year, unless there are urgent circumstances that require a transfer earlier, the teacher being transferred will be given a minimum of fourteen (14) days' notice prior to the effective date of the transfer.
3.2.  Whenever possible, written rationale will be provided to the teacher upon request.  

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 174, 175 The Education Act
Human Rights Code

March 22, 2011
Revised November 26, 2015
Revised December 10, 2015
Revised February 15, 2017