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AP 421 - Part Time Professional Staff

Subject to the LINC Agreement, the following procedure should be followed with regard to the participation of part time professional staff in staff meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and professional development activities.


1.  Teachers are required by the terms of The Education Act, 1995 to attend staff meetings. As such, part time teachers are required to attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.

2.  When part time professional staff are requested to attend Division requested meetings and professional development sessions beyond the proportion of time in their contract, they shall be paid for the additional time required.

3.  Part time teachers are required to attend the proportion of Early Dismissal Days relative to the percentage of their contract.

4.  Teachers, whether part-time or full time, have a professional obligation to conduct parent-teacher conferences:
4.1     The Division allows time for regularly scheduled interviews;
4.2     Other time beyond the regularly scheduled time for interviews may have to be used;
4.3     If a part-time teacher participates at full time status at regularly scheduled interviews, then he/she shall be compensated for the time on a full time basis; and
4.4     Other scheduled time is considered part of the professional obligation, just as for full time people.

5.  Periodically, professional development in-service education days will be held in the schools, in the Division, or with other school divisions. The following provisions guide the participation of part-time professional staff:
5.1     Part time teachers are to attend in proportion to the time that they teach;
5.2     Arrangements may be made with the principal for selective choice;
5.3     Should a part time teacher desire to attend more than the portion of time that they teach, they are welcome to do so; and
5.4     Access to personal professional development is in accordance with the LINC Agreement.

6.  The principal shall seek authorization of the area Superintendent of Schools in situations that do not fit any of those outlined above.

Reference:      LINC Agreement

March 21, 2011