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AP 419 - Specialized Training and Substitution

In special situations, professional and support staff may require special training in order to care adequately for the student(s) in their care. Staff participation in such training will recognize the provisions of existing local and provincial agreements.


1.  Specialized Training
1.1.  The cost of specialized training shall be covered by the Division and the Director of Education (or designate) shall determine the mode and length of the training.
1.2.  Remuneration can be claimed on the prescribed AF-519 General Expense Claim Form.pdf, by submission of actual receipted expenses for food, fees and accommodations as well as an actual mileage claim.
1.3.  Remuneration to staff for their participation in professional development and training on non-working days will be in accordance with the provisions in local and provincial agreements.
2.  Substitution Services for Support Staff
2.1.  In special situations, support staff may require a trained substitute to cover in the event of absenteeism. The following terms and conditions will apply:
2.1.1.  A designated member of the existing support staff will be trained in the specialized service so that she/he can serve in a substitute role if needed; and
2.1.2.  If for some reason, neither the qualified support staff member nor a qualified substitute is available, the principal shall determine the coverage in consultation with the Coordinator and/or Superintendent of Learning.
2.2.  Training for such substitute positions shall be the responsibility of the Division.

Reference:  Section 175, Education Act

March 9, 2011