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Horizon School Division
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AP 417 - Teachers' Professional Development

Ongoing professional development of teachers, supports the learning success of Horizon School Division students. 

Professional development is most effective when it is aligned with the Ministry of Education’s Strategic Plan, Horizon School Division’s Strategic Plan, and the school’s Learning Improvement Plan. A teacher’s professional development may align with their Professional Growth Plan (See AP 430)


1.  Employer Requested - Professional development that is directed by the Division
1.1. After attending the professional development activity, the teacher will forward AF 519 – Expense Claim – Division Requested to the Service that requested their attendance. All expense claims must be submitted in the same school year as the professional development activity took place.
2.  Employee Requested - Professional Development activities that are initiated by the teacher and approved by their direct supervisor. These professional development opportunities may align with:
  • The Teacher’s Professional Growth Plan; 
  • Teacher Professional Collaboration;
  • School's Learning Improvement Plan; or
  • Horizon School Division’s Goals.
2.1.  Accessing PD Funds
Professional Development funds are allocated as per the LINC Agreement – Section 10 – Personal Professional Development. Funds are allocated on the teacher's first work day of the school year.
2.1.1. Where an approved event is taking place in the next school year. Expenses may be paid using the current year’s professional development funds.
2.1.2. In the event that the teacher is no longer employed with Horizon School Division, the teacher will be required to pay back the school division for any funds received in advance for the professional development opportunity.
2.2.  Reimbursement
After attending the professional development activity, the teacher will forward AF 519 – General Expense Claim Form to Human Resource Services along with any receipts for all expenses being claimed.   All claims must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the event.
3.  Application

All requests to attend a personal professional development event shall require the completion of the Professional Development application form and will be submitted through the employer’s absence management system.

4.  Expenses
4.1.  Payments for mileage, accommodations and meals are at rates as established by the Board of Education.
5.  Part-Time Teacher Attendance
5.1.  Employer approval of a designated number of professional development days for the school year shall be on a prorated basis for part-time teachers.
5.1.1.  Part-Time teachers may attend an equivalent portion of each professional development day or, subject to collaboration and approval by the Director (or designate), attend enough sessions equivalent to their percentage of contract.
5.2.  Unless specifically requested by the Division, part-time teachers are not expected to attend professional development activities beyond their percentage of contract.
5.3.  Part-time teachers may choose to attend professional development activities beyond their percentage of contract and shall not receive remuneration for this time..
6. Teachers on leave shall not have access to personal professional development funds. 

7. Human Resources shall be responsible for monitoring employee professional development data and shall report to the Director of Education, as required.

Reference:  Sections 85, 109, 175, 231, 233, 370, Education Act

March 10, 2011
Revised November 2, 2017
April 22, 2021
May 11, 2022