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Horizon School Division
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AP 397 - RCMP in Schools

Horizon School Division promotes collaboration between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the schools within Horizon in supporting the well-being of its students and staff and ensuring a safe and caring school environment. It is the responsibility of the Director of Education, through the Principal, to safeguard the rights, well-being, and confidentiality of every student and staff member of the school.  


1.  All visits or inquiries to a school by the RCMP shall be approved by the Principal.

2.  Prior to an interview taking place, the Director (or designate) shall be notified.

3.  Except in extenuating circumstances, RCMP interviews with students or staff shall take place off school property and outside school hours.

4.  Except in instances of child welfare intervention due to suspected child abuse, the Principal shall advise parents/caregivers prior to an interview with a child. When the parent/caregiver is unable to be contacted, the interview will not be permitted.

5.  If an interview is to proceed under the Child Welfare Act, please refer to AP 325 - Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.

6.  Arrest/Apprehension of a student or staff member:
6.1.  If a student or staff member is to be arrested by RCMP, whether under warrant or otherwise, the Principal shall provide a secure and private area for the student or staff member. The Principal will then advise the RCMP of the location of the student or staff member and escort the RCMP to the location for the purpose of arrest/apprehension.
6.2.  In the event of arrest or apprehension, the student or staff member and RCMP shall leave the school premises immediately upon the arrest or apprehension being carried out.
6.3.  The Principal shall, by phone, immediately notify the parent/caregiver that their child has been arrested and the Principal shall make reasonable efforts to inquire whether the RCMP have contacted the parents/caregivers. Where contact cannot be made by phone, a letter shall be sent immediately confirming that a phone call had been made but that contact had not been attained.
7.  The Principal shall keep a written log of all interviews of students by RCMP and child welfare workers that take place in the school. This log shall be kept on file at the school and any requests to view the written log shall occur through the Director of Education. 

Legal Reference: Section 85, 87, 175 Education Act
Child and Family Services Act
Youth Criminal Act

October 3, 2019