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Horizon School Division
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AP 395 - Student Recognition Award


The Horizon School Division Board of Education has established the Student Recognition Award, which honours a graduating student from each high school in the Division. Horizon School Division’s values are Accountability, Community, Diversity, Relationships, and Trust.


  1. Each principal, in consultation with staff, will select one of their eligible Grade 12 graduating students to receive the Student Recognition Award.

  2. Selection criteria shall be comprised of:

    1. Expected completion of Grade 12 at a school within Horizon School Division.

    2. Achievement in a wide range of pursuits that may include: 

  • Effort to succeed; 

  • Cultural values; 

  • Community involvement;

  • Special talents and/or distinctions in areas such as fine arts, athletics, entrepreneurship, and/or leadership; or

  • Academic success. 

  1. Principals may use the rubric to guide them through the selection process.

  2.  Applications must include:

    1. Completed  AF 395 - Student Recognition Award Form.

    2. An official copy of the student's high school transcript from Ministry of Education, or a copy of the student's most current report card.

    3. A completed media waiver

    4. A current picture of the student. 

    5. A letter of recommendation from one of:

  • Principal

  • Teacher

  • Employer

  • Coach

  • Elder

  • Other

  1. The Student Recognition Award will be comprised of:

    1. A commemorative gift to be presented by the subdivision trustee or the Director (or designate) at the student’s graduation or awards ceremony.

    2. A $500 cash gift which will be mailed to the recipient upon receipt of proof of graduation and a completed media waiver.  

      1. The total amount of the gift will be reported on a T4A and must be included in the recipient's taxable income in the year of receipt. This amount is eligible for a scholarship exemption.

5.3    Student Recognition Award winners will be recognized on Horizon School Division’s website. 

April 1, 2011


December 20, 2013

March, 2015

April 5, 2018

May 3, 2022