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Horizon School Division
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AP 365 - Course Challenge


The Division recognizes that some students are able to demonstrate a high level of achievement of the learning outcomes of a particular secondary level course of study in advance of participating in that course.

In accordance with the Ministry of Education Registrar’s Handbook for School Administrators students will be allowed to challenge any provincially developed course.


1.  Eligibility to Challenge

1.1.  The student is enrolled in the Horizon School Division.
1.2.  The school will administer the course challenge process within the provincial guidelines as outlined in the Registrar’s Handbook.
1.3.  Provincially developed courses may be challenged at the 10 and 20 levels only.
1.4.  A maximum of two course challenge credits shall be allowed at the 10 and 20 levels.
1.5.  Administration of the course challenge process shall be conducted by a teacher who has taught the course at least twice.
1.6.  The course challenge process shall employ a variety of assessments that appropriately measure the curricular learning outcomes.
1.7.  A mark of at least 80% must be attained in the challenge process to attain a credit in the course.
1.8.  Students cannot challenge a course a second time.
2.  Procedures for Challenge
2.1.  Student makes a written application to the principal to indicate his/her desire to challenge a course of study.
2.2.  The application will be reviewed by the principal and a teacher who has the requisite experience to assess the challenge.
2.3.  The student is informed of the decision.
2.4.  If the challenge proceeds, the teacher will perform the assessments with regard to the challenge, a schedule is established, and the process is carried out.

2.5.  After completion of the assessments, the student is informed of the outcome. If the outcome is positive, the student’s mark is submitted to the Ministry of Education as per the Registrar’s Handbook.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 168, 169, 170, 175, 231, Education Act

February 8, 2011