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Horizon School Division
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AP 355 - Gang Related Activities

Horizon School Division does not tolerate behaviour and activities promoting gangs or hate groups in schools, at school activities, or on Horizon School Division property.  
Horizon School Division recognizes the harm done by the presence and activities of gangs in public schools.  Often the consequences of gang behaviour include: violence, intimidation and destruction of property. The immediate consequences of gang activity are disruptive and obstructive of the process of education.  
1.  Definition:  For the purpose of this procedure a gang is any group of two or more persons whose purposes include the commission of illegal acts, or acts in violation of disciplinary rules of Horizon School Division.   
2.  No student on or about school property or at any school activity shall engage in gang related activity. Students shall not:

2.1.  Wear, possess, use, distribute, display, or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, tattoo, sign or other items that evidences or reflects membership in or affiliation with any gang.  
2.2.  Engage in any act, either verbal or nonverbal, including gang gestures or handshakes, showing membership or affiliation with any gang.
2.3.  Engage in any act in furtherance of the interests of any gang or gang activity, including but not limited to:
2.3.1.  Soliciting membership in, or affiliation with, any gang;
2.3.2.  Soliciting any person to pay for “protection,” or threatening a person explicitly or implicitly, with violence or with any other illegal or prohibited act;
2.3.3.  Painting, writing, or otherwise inscribing gang-related graffiti, messages, symbols or signs, on school property;
2.3.4.  Engaging in violence, extortion, or any other illegal act, 
2.3.5.  Soliciting any person to engage in physical violence against any another person.
3.  Application and Enforcement:

3.1.  In determining, as part of the application of this procedure, whether acts, conduct, or activities are gang related, school administrators are encouraged to exercise discretion and judgment based on current circumstances in their schools and communities. Please reference AP 350 Student Discipline. 

3.2.  The removal of gang related graffiti shall be a priority in the maintenance of school property.
3.3.  Any indication of gang related activity will be dealt with through student discipline and will include a plan for interagency support for the student and family (VTRA, ASIST, Hub).

AP 350 Student Discipline

AP 354 Violence and Threats

AP 356 Drug Incident

AP 357 Acts of Vandalism
Seattle Public Schools recognized as source.
June 2, 2017