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AP 353 - Student at Risk


The purpose of this procedure is to clearly denote a process that supports a student and staff in their efforts to deal with situations where a student is not fulfilling his/her duties as outlined in the Education Act Section 150, Duties of Pupils:

Every pupil shall:

1.  Attend school regularly and punctually;

2.  Purchase any supplies and materials not furnished by the Division that the principal considers necessary for any particular course of instruction;

3.  Observe standards approved by the Division with respect to:

3.1.  Cleanliness and tidiness of person;
3.2.  General deportment;
3.3.  Obedience;
3.4.  Courtesy; and

3.5.  The rights of other persons;

4.  Be diligent in his or her studies;

5.  Conform to the rules of the school approved by the Division; and

6.  Subject to subsection (4), submit to any discipline that would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent.
Specifically, the core team comprised of teacher(s), principal, LRT and support staff will:

  • Identify in specific terms the duties that are being neglected;
  • Clarify with the student and his/her parents/guardians, the manner and degree to which the student's academic progress has been affected by the neglected duties; and
  • Determine the extent to which the neglected duties have had a detrimental influence on the tone of the classroom and the school as a whole;
  • Promote, in consultation with the student and his/her parents/guardians, some reasonable and specific behaviours and expectations for the student to demonstrate over a reasonable period of time.


1.  The teacher(s) will contact parents or guardians regarding the student’s neglected duties at the earliest stage possible.

2.  A teacher will identify the concern and submit the AF 353 -  Student at Risk Referral Form (Laggard).pdf to the principal. This form will identify the specific details of the unacceptable behaviour.

3.  The teacher(s), with the support of the principal, will initiate the process for obtaining support for the student from Division and external supports including student counselors, career counselors, educational psychologists, and other support professionals.  

4.  The principal will investigate the status of the student in all subjects, the attendance record, the behaviour record, the punctuality record, and any other information deemed to be pertinent to this process. The principal will also seek information regarding the impact of the student’s behaviour on his/her classmates and the general tone of the class. The principal shall then make a decision as to whether the student is deemed to be neglectful in his/her duties as a student.

5.  If the principal deems that the student has neglected his/her duties, he/she will arrange a meeting with the student and the parents or guardians to inform them of the specific nature of the problem and to explore possible solutions. Expectations will be identified in writing (use the AF 353 -  Student at Risk Referral Form (Laggard).pdf for the student and the parents or guardians.  The students’ progress will then be monitored for ten school days.

6.  At the end of the ten-day period, the principal will review the situation with the student and his/her parents or guardians. If the student has not demonstrated a marked improvement, the principal may:

6.1.  Refer the situation for a second ten-day period; or

6.2.  Suspend the student for a period not to exceed three days; or

6.3.  Suspend the student for four to ten days upon approval of the Director of Education; and/or

6.4.  Recommend to the Board that the student be suspended for the remainder of the school semester or year.

6.5.  Enact a solution as provided in step 5 above.

7.  Once the student has been suspended for over three days or referred to the Board, the student and parents will be entitled to a hearing as per AP-152 Concerns and Issues.

8.  If a review of the situation after a ten-day period has demonstrated a marked improvement, then the student and his/her parents or guardians will be informed that no further disciplinary action will be taken at that time. Should the same student regress to the point where he/she again becomes considered as having neglected his/her duties as a student, the student will be dealt with as per step 6 of the above procedure.

9.  In some situations, a student may be referred to an appropriate support service (e.g. anger management) to facilitate the return to classes.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 148, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 175, 231, Education Act

April 6, 2011