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Horizon School Division
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AP 321 - Cumulative Records

The Cumulative Record shall be the official working record for students currently enrolled in Horizon School Division schools. The Cumulative Record is the property and responsibility of the Division while the student attends school in this school division.

To support smooth transitions and to ensure that students have the best possible opportunities for success, the Cumulative Record shall be transferred as soon as possible after a student enrolls in a new school.

Federal and provincial privacy and information sharing legislation shall be followed in the creation, maintenance and use of Cumulative Records.

All personal information is subject to the provisions of Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (LA FOIP).


1.  Cumulative Record: The Cumulative Record contains a student’s academic records, attendance reports, achievement reports and special reports related to the student’s educational program. As the term “cumulative” implies, information is added to the record each year as the student progresses through the grades. When a student moves from one school to another, the expectation is that the Cumulative Record follows the student.

2.  Student Data System (SDS): The computerized system maintained by the Ministry of Education that records demographic and other data about students.

3.  AF-321 Cumulative Record Transfer Form: A form that schools can use to ensure that a student’s Cumulative Record is transferred successfully will accompany this document.


1.  Every student in the Horizon School Division shall have a Cumulative Record.

2.  The Cumulative Record shall contain at minimum the following:
2.1.  The student’s name as registered under The Vital Statistics Act, 1995 or, if the student was born in another jurisdiction, the student’s name as registered in that jurisdiction;
2.2.  Other names by which the student is known;
2.3.  The birth date and gender of the student;
2.4.  The student’s provincial Learning Identification Number (LID);
2.5.  The name(s), address(es) and telephone number(s) of the student’s custodial parent(s) or guardian(s);
2.6.  The names of other parents/guardians who may have custody orders that restrict access to their child or the child’s personal information;
2.7.  A summary or report of achievement at the end of each grade or semester; term progress reports may also be included;
2.8.  The student’s results of diagnostic tests or other assessments pertinent to program planning, including but not limited to psychological reports, speech pathologists’ reports, occupational therapists’ reports, etc., including related parental consent forms;
2.9.  Medical information about the student pertinent to program planning that the parent or student provides;
2.10.  An annual summary of the student’s attendance; and,
2.11.  For a student that has a Inclusion Intervention Plan (IIP), as described in the Children’s Services Policy Framework, a copy of the current and previous plan.
3.  Under the supervision of the Director of Education or designate, the principal shall be responsible for the collection, maintenance, secured storage and release of student Cumulative Records.

4.  The classroom teacher shall be responsible for entering data in the Cumulative Record.

5.  The principal shall be responsible for managing annual updates to the Cumulative Record and removing unnecessary and outdated information.

6.  The school principal or a person designated by the principal shall manage the receipt and transfer of Cumulative Records.
6.1.  When a student is transferring in:
6.1.1.  Within five working days of a student’s enrollment in a school, the principal shall request the student’s Cumulative Record from the student’s previous school. The request shall contain the name and address of the requesting school, the date of the request and detailed student information;
6.1.2.  The principal shall verify receipt of the Cumulative Record by dating and signing the request that is provided by the student’s previous school with the Cumulative Record. A copy of the request shall be sent to the student’s previous school to confirm receipt of the Cumulative Record;
6.1.3.  The principal shall update the location of the Cumulative Record in the SDS;
6.1.4.  If the Cumulative Record is not received within seven working days after the request was sent to the student’s former school, the principal shall contact the principal of the student’s former school;
6.1.5.  If the student’s former school does not have the student’s Cumulative Record, reasonable attempts shall be made to locate the Cumulative Record by contacting other schools that the student has attended; and
6.1.6.  If these contacts are unsuccessful, a new Cumulative Record shall be created for the student.
6.2.  When a student is transferring out:
6.2.1.  Upon receiving a request to transfer a Cumulative Record, the principal shall send the Cumulative Record, including all the contents outlined in Procedure #2 above, by Registered Mail to the student’s new school within three working days.
6.2.2.  The principal shall keep a copy of the request until written confirmation of the transfer has been received.
6.2.3.  If the school does not receive a written confirmation that the Cumulative Record has been received within seven working days, the principal shall contact the principal of the student’s new school; and

6.2.4.  If the transferring school has not received the Cumulative Record, the principal shall make best efforts to recover the missing files and maintain a record of those efforts.

7.  The Cumulative Records of students who have left or graduated from the Division’s schools shall be stored at the school in a secured location until after the student has turned 25 years of age.  Some space may be available for centralized storage.

8.  After a student turns 25 years old, his/her Cumulative Record will be purged and shredded.

Reference:  Section 85, 87, 109, 175, 231, Education Act
Youth Justice Administration Act
Youth Criminal Justice Act
Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

April 6, 2011
Revised September 16, 2015