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AP 312 - Administering Prescribed Medications

Medical circumstances may arise such that a parent/caregiver may request that prescription medication be administered to their child during school hours and at Division approved activities.


When such a request is beneficial for the child and agreed to by the principal, the following procedures are to be followed: 

1.  Parents/caregivers must complete AF-312 Parent Request for Prescribed Medication.pdf including Part 2 “Physician’s Statement.” The form shall include:
  • The name of the medication; 
  • A specific request to have the medication administered by school personnel; and 
  • A detailed description of the appropriate procedures involved in administering the medically prescribed quantity of medication. 
2.  Parents/caregivers  must request that a doctor supply information regarding possible repercussions should the procedures not be followed exactly. 

3.  The recommendation on whether or not to administer the medication will be made by the principal to the Superintendent of Student Services.
3.1.  In the case of medical marijuana, the principal must consult with the Superintendent of Student Services regarding administration of the prescribed medication.
4.  If the procedures are difficult or of extreme risk, the medication should not be administered through the school. 

5.  The completed authorization form shall be kept on file by the principal the current school year copy should be placed in the student’s Cumulative Record.  

6.  The primary concern relating to decisions on administering prescription drugs is the welfare of the child. 

7.  The principal is responsible for ensuring the safe storage of all medications within the school. 

8.  It is the parents/caregivers’ responsibility to ensure that the medication is safely delivered to the principal.

9.  Should an employee have concerns about the administration of a medical prescription to a student, they should raise it with the principal.  If the outcome of this inquiry with the principal is not satisfactory to the employee, they may then take it forward as per Administrative Procedure 152 - Concerns and Issues.  

Reference:  Section 85, 175, 188, 190, Education Act

March 8, 2011
Revised:  November 1, 2016
Revised:  October 3, 2019