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Horizon School Division
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AP 307 - Student Dismissal for Transportation Purposes


Student dismissal at the end of the school day is to be staggered to ensure the safety of all pedestrian traffic within the area of the school and the community. Students that are transported by bus, car service, or other motorized conveyance shall be released from school in advance of students that depart otherwise.


In order to ensure the safety of the students of Horizon School Division, it is deemed appropriate to release students that require conveyance via motorized vehicles into the community in advance of students that may be traveling home via pedestrian means. By releasing students traveling by motorized transport ahead of pedestrian students, risk is reduced in their capacity to encounter a motor vehicle/pedestrian incident immediately following school dismissal.


1.  All students shall be dismissed at the end of the regularly scheduled school day.

2.  Students traveling by division provided transportation services shall be released initially.

3.  Students travelling by pedestrian means shall be released immediately upon safe departure of any division provided transportation services.

October 3, 2016